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The world has changed since joining W.D.C in 2004. I look forward to sharing my thoughts!
When I first found Writing.com,in 2004 the Internet was smaller than today. Less web sites came up on searches. (Though a lot more then in 1997! That was the year my sis and I rode a U haul from Eugene Oregon to Athens Georgia.)
After settling in, a trip to the Library one day introduced us to the World Wide Web.
Our first search was on Italy. Looking into our roots seemed like a good place to start! When only 3 sites came up (all in Italian!) we knew it would be awhile till we could do more research on that!
We had bought our first PC in winter of 2001. Pogo a fun game site that had holiday games was one of the first I believe.
Writing was what I loved to do,though the concept of taking my words off paper into a computer was a question mark for me. In January 2004 I was looking for information on how to be a writer, beyond books I read.
and a Writers Digest non fiction mail course In ( That I didn't finish because fear stood in my way.) Another tale perhaps...
I had sent out poems and articles,
But was very "green" as a writer. The rejections were kind and encouraged me to keep submitting.

I found a few links to writing sites,but one STOOD out. Writing.com.
In time I kept trying to get better and was
even being paid for an article "Help is just a click away"*(Posted on my portfolio here.)
about The Hunger, Animal Rescue site and others. It was published in the Flagpole an Athens College newspaper.
I had introduced myself to the Editor and he liked what I had to say. I made $50.00 and it felt like a million! We brought food and diapers for our granddaughter who was born that year.
I sold another article on Outsourcing,which was a new subject taking place, people in other countries in call centers, giving info on the phone about computer issues and such. I was paid for that one, before the Newspaper had a new owner. They were going to put articles online and making changes.

October 2019
A lot going on in my life. This time almost everything else has to back off,so I can return to writing here!
Social media has changed from Myspace days. I see many folks doing great and kind things,like rescuing animals,helping others not for gain,but to help because it is the right thing.
The other side of it on and off line,Facebook is turning into Fake book people just showing off how "perfect" their lives are. Or complaining because they have everything,but still feel like they are being cheated.

,Indeed there are many good connections with people learning worthwhile pursuits. Some connecting i n many of the supportive groups,for many types of likes and issues. Healing and finding positive feedback and giving the same back. showing real concern with empathy and prayers.
I'm working hard on returning here to write and give and get feedback.Have been away so much I feel like a newbie! I'm also writing on The Mighty and look forward to combining them here in a way for people with disabilities that do write to show what abilities we have also. I recently had some people turn out not to care in the end about me or our family. There are very few good souls it seems who care about others more then themselves
My faith has taken a tumble but I want to believe...Believe in what i have felt. Angels and seen with my own eyes,that miracles do happen and there is a loving G-d.
Many times we give up,but the important thing is not to give up very long and don't let fear steal away our joy.
To be continued...
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