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A visitor from another world appears only on Friday the 13th with a full moon.
There is no moon on
Triskaidekaphobia* 9 and
so the beings there can only
imagine what a full moon would
look like.  They used to wonder, but
now they have a lottery—-one lucky
being is sent to Earth only on Friday
the 13th, only when the moon is full. 
They have mastered teleportation—
atoms are scrambled into energy
and beamed at warp speed. 
The winning being arrives
along an ocean shore,
to take advantage
of a beautiful

Moon looming over the vastness
of sea, a being’s webbed feet
depressed into the wet sand,
and green antennae seeking
the reflected light of the full
moon…a face, an ancient
man intriguing earthlings
for aeons. 

Rare are the occasions for
a Triskaidekaphobia 9 being
to come to Earth to honor both
full moon and the number thirteen.
Thus, a religion has blossomed…
the being on the shore pays 
homage to his gods in glare
of dazzling moonlight for
thirteen minutes, after
which he is whisked
back to his home
planet.  He then
is high priest
for life.

38 Lines
Writer’s Cramp Co-Winner

*Triskaidekaphobia…extreme superstition regarding the number thirteen.
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