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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Horror/Scary · #2201181
What happens if you go to the mall decades after it was abandoned
James shut the door behind him and his girlfriend. The two kissed a little behind the door. Samantha pushed James back against the wall while her lips were still locked to his.

“I still can’t believe the rumors this place is haunted,” James expressed

“Yes everyone else is too afraid of places like these,” Samantha added.

“This is what, the sixth time we've come here for sex”

“It's probably because of all the cobwebs and stuff making this place seem spooky. We know those stories about this place are just bogus”

“Apparently the stories are enough to drive most people from coming to these areas”

"They say that this is a place where people used to do all their shopping in person. What a concept!"

“I know right?”

“I know we haven’t done this the last five times we came here but I would like to maybe see more of this place”

After looking around, they saw an opening a few feet in front to the right. Slightly further down there was a sign saying Motivate Inspire Encourage Thank, all in capital letters. There were other words but James couldn’t make it out from where he was. The words on the wall next to the opening read “Cucina Messicana (enter) A Mexican Grill”

"So point me in the direction you want to go, Mrs. Explorer"

“That’s actually cute, I actually like that name, Mrs. Explorer”

“Glad you like it, so Mrs. Explorer, where shall we be exploring today”

Samantha blushed. “There’s only one way we can go, through that opening over there”

After stepping through, James looked around, “How about this long corridor? Let’s not get lost, this place is massive and it's starting to get dark.”

The couple walked down the long corridor, when James suddenly looked to the right into a dark storefront. “What was that?”

It seemed to be a ghostly figure staring right at James. Samantha turned and the ghost seemingly vanished before she saw. “It looks like tables. Black tables. Anyway, look at those!”

She gestured towards a vibrantly colored glass. “Where best friends are made” were written in yellow ink on the red see-through glass.

Samantha turned back to James, “There was nothing there. Did I make you paranoid?”

“You’re too hot to make me paranoid”

“I know…”

“Anyway, before I lose a nerve, onward?”

“I want to go into that little kid’s area”

The two walked around the glass to an opening.

James was looking left when Samantha said, “Look, a cute unicorn”

“It’s very dusty in here” James replied.

Suddenly a metal gate dropped down behind them.

“I don’t think this building liked me saying that” James observed. Ghosts began to appear everywhere
“This really is haunted!” exclaimed Samantha. A stuffed animal that looked like a horse on fire tried to head-butt Samantha before falling onto the floor. Then a black bear jumped on James but he caught it and watched it moving its fabric hands wildly as if it was trying to tear James’ head off. The flaming horse was continuously head-butting Samantha’s ankle. More stuffed animals began to start moving.

“What the heck” said Samantha as she backed into a rack holding shirts for three year olds. She knocked it down and fell on top of it.

James threw the bear he was holding over a desk before charging at all the stuffed animals that were attacking Samantha. His momentum sent the stuffed animals flying everywhere.

“That was close” said Samantha as she got pulled up by James.

James saw the stuffed animals regrouping. “We are not out yet”

James made a run at the gate but it was too heavy. A yellow duck jumped at James but James punched it aside. James reached down and grabbed the gate. While he was down grabbing the gate, Samantha shielded James from the relentless attack of the stuffed animals. After some effort James managed to lift the gate and the two slipped out. James let go quickly and the gate crashed down. A multicolored fox, an orange pumpkin face, and a red fish also got out of the store. A plastic dummy moved forward from an opening with the heading of My Clothes Shop. The couple ran up the escalator to the second floor.

As soon as James got to the second floor a piece of chicken flew right in front of James’ nose.

“Great now the ghosts are throwing food at us,” said Samantha sarcastically.

The two made a 180 degree turn around the railing and ran by an area that looked like a food court. Eight ghosts suddenly surrounded the couple holding pieces of chicken in their hands.

“How are these Ghost holding chicken? They’re just ghosts” exclaimed James

“Why are these ghosts even here? What is this place?”

The ghosts began throwing their chicken pieces at James and Samantha as the couple kept trying to bat the pieces away. Despite their best efforts, the pieces of chicken for the most part hit their intended target. As they began to run away, the ghosts continued to pelt them with chicken.

“This is a haunted mall now. Stay out of our home!” said one of the ghosts laughing as the stuffed animals and dummies started walking up the escalator.
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