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you only need to love to live again...
My dear boy

my dear boy,
so tiny and cute,
how much pain,
lies within you?

the pain that is hidden,
beneath your smile,
so tell me dear boy,
im here for a while.

my dear boy,
with eyes of blue,
please tell me,
what they did to you.

your innocence was taken,
at such a young age,
but the bitter revenge,
is what you really crave..

its okay dear boy,
I know you are scared,
but I know the secrets,
that you haven't shared.

the ones that are brazed,
upon your pale skin,
all of them scarred there,
like a permanent pen.

I love you, dear boy,
but that is something you don't know,
and i'll wait and teach you,
because I still have hope.

ill take the pain away,
ill make it disappear,
if you give me some time,
I promise you my dear.

just go to sleep,
and close your eyes,
don't be afraid my dear,
because you are still alive.

they can't hurt you,
no, not anymore,
iv got you dear boy,
all safe and warm.

all cuddled by the fire,
as I sing you to sleep,
I love you, dear boy,
Just watch and see.
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