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I'm writing about what it feels like to be a human magnet
         What I want to write about here is the feeling like you are a human magnet, and no matter where you go you attract other people and things directly to you. This is the way I feel a lot of the time. I'll try giving you some real examples of just why I feel like I'm a human magnet. One example is I pull into the empty parking lot at a convenience store. I go inside to pay for my gasoline, and get right back out of the store and start pumping my gas. While pumping my gas one car after another pulls up. When I get finished I discover that I have to go back into the store to get my change, because I couldn't get anymore gas into the gas tank. When I go back inside of the store there are people everywhere. Not only from all of the other cars that pulled up while I was fueling up, but from a tour bus as well that decided to make a pit stop there for all of it's passengers. I never thought that I'd get out of that store, and where in the world did all of these people come from? This is what I'm referring to as the human magnet syndrome, and is something that I feel has been bestowed upon me at times in life.

         Another example occurs when when I'm driving down the road. I pull up to an intersection and there are other cars everywhere, but only in my general vicinity. When I look around there's no traffic way up or way down the road, only right there in the location where I'm at at that particular time. It's like the twilight zone. This seems to be also true when I'm moving and driving down the highway. For miles behind me there's no traffic, and for miles in front of me there's no traffic, but right there all around me there's a dozen or so cars all bunched up together. What's the deal?

         This magnetic type of effect also seems to happen in stores to me. It doesn't matter if I'm in a grocery store, department store or a Walmart super center. When I walk into the store there's nobody in line, but when I'm ready to check out there are people lined up at the cash registers for miles. When I turn around I don't see a single solitary person behind me, and I find that I'm often the last one in line.

         This interesting thing also happens all of the time to me in the drive thru line at fast food restaurants. I won't see any other vehicles in the drive thru as I'm driving down the road approaching the restaurant, but like magic when I get to the drive thru other cars get in front of me just seconds before I get there. Once again there's nobody behind me in line. It's like some kind of crazy conspiracy. I've even included a YouTube video at the end of this hub where a white van comes out of nowhere and gets in front of me at a drive through. It's times like this when I feel just like a magnetic person or a human magnet.

         Being a human magnet by no means stops behind the wheel of a vehicle. Just the other day I was inside of a grocery store, and the only thing that I was shopping for was a single loaf of bread. As I entered the bread isle I was all alone. As I stopped in the middle of the isle to select the loaf of bread that I wanted to buy an old lady pulled her little buggy right up in front of me and looked over a package of buns. After taking a considerable amount of time to inspect her purchase she tossed it into her cart, and proceeded to have a conversation with another old women who came up on the scene, about how hard it was to find this particular bread product. All directly right in front of me. I mean come on are they kidding. It never stops for a human magnet. I'd like to say that this is the entire story, but I'm sure that my next chance at being a human magnet is just waiting for me around the next corner.

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