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A narrative that takes place in my childhood while living in my old neighbourhood.
My small bare feet made a soft crunching sound as I stepped on the rough green grass. The grass had pieces of broken beer glass. However, my feet didn't get cut. A little later, I stopped at my destination and my mom and dad ran after me. Then one of them picked me up and was crying.

         I was only two-years-old, and what I did was something I am not proud of.
It was a sunny day in 1998. My grandma was still alive and visiting my parents and me. I am pretty sure my little sister was born (but my memory is a bit hazy.) I think both my parents were making supper. Therefore, they weren't paying attention to a small young boy with a really curious mind. I unlocked the cold white metal screen door, went through a small urban field, which lead to two more similar fields that were bigger and smaller than the first one. This led me up some huge hills and walking in yet another field, except this was way bigger than the other ones. It was covered in grass with nothing except a public library and an elementary school on one side. However, there was a park that was probably in the middle of the field, which is where I was heading to in the first place.

         Meanwhile, I think my mother soon noticed my absence, so she told my father. They were starting to worry where I was, and I think Grandma overheard their worrying. She told them she saw a man carry a little boy that looked like me, to a car and driving away. Well, I can tell you one thing: that didn't make anything better because now all of them worried I was abducted. That could mean I was going to get hurt or worse.

         However, while Dad and Grandma were fearing for my well-being, I think Mom's intuition had an idea I was walking to the park right now. She decided to follow that "feeling" and head straight there. It was about time, too, because my grandmother was about to call the police, and my parents were considering to agree. Fortunately, when Mom had the notion of where I was going, she told my dad and my grandma, as well, before my mother and father went out the back door to find me. I think the sun was starting to set, so it was casting a yellow-to-orange glow, and by the time they found me it was a hot pink-to-dark purple sky and clouds.

         I knew Grandma was home waiting for my parents to get me. Still, I can't remember if they were running or walking really fast, but if I asked my mother, she would probably state they both ran fast!! So, I believe that was the case. Five minutes was probably how long it took them. To me it seemed to take them an hour to get where I was. Before my parents found me I was near the park, then stopped and saw a man at the top of the monkey bars. The guy had white skin and, probably blonde hair, but what I really noticed was his clothing: a white T-shirt, white jogging pants with blue stripes, white-adult sized running shoes ( maybe even a pair of white socks and undergarments, too.) Next, this part is really weird. He started to ask me questions, which I answered back, except I can't remember what both the questions and my answers were. Ironically, the questions weren't bad or anything, plus I felt safe near the stranger.

A little later, my parents arrived and shouted my name. I turned around and saw them running, but they slowed down when they got nearer and finally stopped as soon as they were up close. They were exhausted, sweaty, and breathing heavily from running non-stop. I was then picked up and saw they were glad, angry, relieved, and crying tears of joy, too. Next is what mostly happens after these situations: the three of us go home and are happy. The End.

         Well, you're half-right. Both of them were holding me (who carries me home I don't remember), when my mom sees the same mysterious man on the monkey bars. She asks my dad, "Who is that?"
He replies, "What guy?" My mother points at the top of the monkey bars, but when we looked over there, we saw...nothing!

         This meant I wasn't the only one who encountered that mysterious human being since my mother saw him, as well. Pretty soon afterwards, we headed straight home. My mother and I still can't explain what happened, because a person can't appear and then disappear soon after. We have come to the conclusion the man was my guardian angel. Crazy I know, but remember I was in huge a field, in an area that was covered with broken glass that contained alcohol. Not to mention, I live in a Christian household and my mother, my three siblings, and I (plus my father, but he and mom are divorced) believe in God.

          If there is anything I learned from this, it is "Some things are not always what they seem." Thus ends this narrative of mine. I hope you have enjoyed reading it and God bless.
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