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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Dark · #2203737
A story I wrote based on the movie trailer “The Nun”
When Tazanna was eleven, she was sent into a boarding school due to a family tradition. She was excited to begin sixth grade in this school, but little did she know that the school has a dark history. When she entered the principal's office with her mom, She can't help but notice a picture that drew her attention. It was a picture of a nun. The nun was a beautiful young woman with blue-green eyes and the one thing that differentiated her from all the other nuns was the fact that she was the only one wearing red heels.

"Who is that?" Tazanna asks the principal.

The principal looks at the picture and says "Oh, that is sister Agatha. She was the principal of this school once, but she died of cancer."
Tazanna felt uneasy because she believed that the nun was looking at her. Not in a friendly way, but rather with ice-cold eyes. Tazanna was scared but tried not to show it.
After the admission, the principal took Tazanna to her dorm, where she was introduced to her dorm mates: Beth, Lindsay, and Rosemary. They were all her age, which made Tazanna very happy. When it was time for Tazanna’s mom to go, she gave her a rosary and told her to pray every night. Tazanna kissed her mom goodbye and headed back into her dorm. She was so happy with her new friends and turned around to look at the dorm, but unfortunately, her smile faded away as soon as she saw the portrait hanging opposite her bed. It was the picture of sister Agatha but this time, it was more terrifying because she seemed to look at Tazanna straight into her eyes, with a strict face.

“I don’t like that picture,” said Beth in a low voice.

“It freaks me out a lot,” said Lindsay “I heard that she killed some students when she was principal.”

“ I also heard that she had an affair with a male teacher.” Rosemary adds “But I’m not sure…”

Just then, a girl enters the dorm. She was 6 years older.

“You must be my new little sisters. I’m Anna, your dorm captain’’

They all welcomed her, and they decide to settle in.

When night finally came, Tazanna and her friends were chatting with each other. The rain was falling heavily, and they all decided to fall asleep. Tazanna didn’t forget to pray. So she prayed and slowly drifted off to sleep.
Later that night, Tazanna woke up to the sound of footsteps. It was odd because everyone was sound asleep. She grabbed her flashlight and began investigating the mysterious sound. She couldn’t find anything so she just shrugged it off and went back to sleep. The next morning, Tazanna woke up to the sound of hysteric screaming and crying. When she came out to see what caused the panic, she froze. It was a student from the school who was pinned to the wall with knives in her hands and feet. She had been stabbed 21 times and the knife was in her stomach, her forehead was marked with her own blood. The mark was an inverted cross. But what terrified Tazanna the most was the inverted crucifix beside the victim.

“You don’t think…” Lindsay said in a shaking voice.

“There are footprints... entering our dorm,” Beth says.

They enter the dorm following the traces of blood and the blood traces end beneath the portrait of sister Agatha. When they look up at the portrait, they began to scream in horror. The nun was now smiling with an inverted crucifix in her bloody hands.
The news reached every parent and days later, parents came picking up their children, and swore to the principal that she would get sued for the lies she told about Agatha.
Tazanna now attended a daily school, and she told everyone of her terrifying experience. She was so glad it was over… well, that’s what she thought. One night as she was asleep, she heard the familiar sound of footsteps.

“Mom? Is that you?” Tazanna asks.

It couldn’t be. Her mom was a heavy sleeper and so she put on her flashlight and scanned her bedroom. She searched everywhere but found nothing. She went downstairs and found nothing. Tired, she left for her bedroom. When she opened her bedroom door, she froze in terror. Sitting on her bed was sister Agatha, with the inverted crucifix and a knife. She looked at Tazanna with her ice-cold eyes and was holding the inverted crucifix. She stood up and slowly walked towards Tazanna. She leaned in and looked at Tazanna straight in the eyes and said: “You can’t hide.”
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