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by JM
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a breif background on Wally
I stepped off the train and started to look at the map, attempting to figure out just exactly how to get to the highschool. I eventually found it and entered, as it was now my Sophmore year. Classes where simple. Art, English, algebra, honors bio, film, and world history.
I went to every class, not feeling to jittery about the first day. As I was leaving, I noticed a guy running around.
"Hey! You!" He said as he pointed at me. He was a bit short, had a grey outfit and a bit of a goofy looking face.
"Hey!" He yelled at me once more.
"Oh, my bad, I do apologize. What do you want?" I asked, trying to keep a polite tone.
"You seem like you're a bit strange, what's your name?" He said in a way that didn't quite exactly flow right in my mind.
"Wally's my name. And yours?" I asked
"I'm Bananaz!" He said, with a scarily reassuring tone.
"Is that a nickname or-" I Began to say just as he cut me off, "Nope! It's just my name!"
Me and Bananaz talked for a bit after that, and we formed a friendship. My highschool years where filled with hopeless relationships, and one seriously unfortunate event just after it ended.
But let's talk about today. It's 2017, I'm 20, and I'm in college. I live with my two best buds, Nathan and Infinity, along with my brother Ryan.

This can potentially change!
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