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Soldier, Specialist Jordan, struggles to get her feet under her after deployment.
Write a story that sets up your plot. EXAMPLE: The Lord of the Rings story revolves around the One Ring, its significance, and how it's destroyed. But how did Frodo get the One Ring in the first place? We learn that in The Hobbit. You obviously can't write a full-scale novel in 15 minutes, but you could write the scene where Bilbo encounters Gollum and stumbles across the ring. That would be a background story that sets up the plot in Lord of the Rings.


Her head snapped upon hearing her name. "Yes, Sergeant."

"Specialist Jordan, " he relaxed his voice. "Jordan, I need you to take this to the First Sergeant."

"Roger, Sergeant." She took the papers from her supervisor's hand and headed out the door.

Down the hall she came across Specialist Jackson. "Hey, Jackson." Her voice crept with more depression than she expected.

"Hey. What's going on?"

"Takin' stuff the the First Sergeant."

"Hm. Wanna hang tonight?"


"Jordan, you've not done anything with me in weeks."

"That's not true."

"Okay, knockin' boots doesn't count."

"Don't you like it?"

"It's not a question of whether I like it. I'm worried about you. All do you is drink and avoid people."

"And have sex with you."

"Not that often." He smiled, then dropped it. "Seriously. I'm worried about you. You aren't yourself."

"Who is that, Jackson? I don't know who I am now. Ever since deployment, I've been...I don't know...like I'm lost...lost deep inside somewhere that I can't find, can't figure out." Her eyes flitted around the hallway, finding no place to rest from the pressure of the conversation and the pressure of being her.

"I started talkin' to Dr. Gold. It's..."

"No! I'm not doing that! That's you. That's your thing. If that's what you need, fine, but I don't."

"Don't you? At least come talk to me after final formation."

"I'm going for a drive after formation." She continued down the hall, not giving him time to invite himself along.

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