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A storm is rolling in and carries something dark with it
I heard the sound of raging thunder
Off in the distance beyond the fields
Past the creaking trees of the forest
And the mountains behind
I looked and I saw
A storm on the horizon
And something evil rolling in with it
And I knew that war was coming

But who will stand with me in the coming fight?
Who will answer the call
To defend against the encroaching darkness?
Because darkness is coming
To threaten all that which is good and peaceful.
Lightning flashes against the sky
Though no rain yet falls from the clouds
As the threat looms ever closer

And as I watched the storm roll in
I stood on the edge of a great precipice
With a mighty valley below me
Stretching to the fields, the forest
And the mountains beyond at one end
At the other end, I see the sunlight
Dancing along green meadows
And the long road winding toward home

There I stood looking out over the land
With a warm, gentle breeze at my back
And I knew that the call had been answered many times
Though I don’t know their names or their faces yet
I know that we will push the darkness back
And as I stood on that precipice
I watched as the storm continued to roll in
And I heard the sound of raging thunder grow
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