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Another Halloween themed story for the you, kind people
" tick tock! Feed the bat" slowely walking through the old forest,the phantom sang that verse with a wicked smile on his face.
" you can't run for ever, your legs are too weak… you can't hide forever, I can smell your blood…I will catch you one way or another, and your heart will be mine" the vampire ended his promise with a maniacal laugh.
Wild with fear, the poor prey tried to catch his breath after that long run. " A shelter! Finally" he thought and headed for the nearby cave. But the forest's darkness betrayed him, blinding his sight and falling victim to a bear trap set by hunters.
"oohh! Is it dinner time already? Don't start without me darling! I am coming."The monster said after hearing the screams of agony of his next victim. Meanwhile, the creature took a branch and freed his leg from the trap and layed under a tree, checking on current stat: tired, his entire body shivring, lost like a mouse running in an endless, menacing maze. His injury became worse, bleeding heavily this time." No, I must go on!" he thought to himself,trying to crawling away. His desire to survive was stronger than his pain,he's willing to do anything just to survive this deadly encounter.
The rustling of invisible leaves accompanied his footsteps as the beast walked clamly, following the smell of blood his victim left.
"now you're…mine?!" he found nothing. Fastration took over his mind "alright, I had enough playing with you for one night.",se took it off to the dark sky and started searching,"let's see now who will survive". The pale moon struggled to break through the forest's darkness and the dark clouds scattering in the sky, but that didn't stop the flying demon, from tracking down his prey.
The poor creature still struggling to escape, he crawled until he reached the end: a sea cliff and an old tree hanging over a deadly drop. He thought about going back into the forest but it was too late: his angel of death landed on the ground, blocking his path.
"well, well…end of the line pal!" grabbing the poor creature's throat" time to feast.". The creature smiled at him ,not the reaction anyone will d when they're facing their death.the sun peeked over the horizon turning the sky from black to pink. "ohh no!no no…not the sun!!" the vampire screamed" oohh wait!! I am half human! Wait what? You thought like what? The sun is here and I will turn into dust? " the beast couldn't control himself and start laughing. That laugh, that sadistic, sinister smile crushed the victim's hopes of survival and dreams of a happy ending.
"But…But I respect your detemination, I respect the effort you have shown, your high hopes and expectations. That's why I will grant you a quick painless death". The vampire crushed his neck like a nut, fulfilling his promise "hey, some of us have manners,I am a man of my word. I am talking to you, dear reader"
He knelt down to the victim's corpse and grabbed his daggers from his cloak."now for the nasty part" he said and shoved his weapons into the chest and struggled to open it due to the steel like rip cage of the victim had. He managed to get to the heart after a huge effort and a lot and lot of blood spattering on his face and clothes."still beating , like the legend says. Huh, I guess some myths are true after all" he said and drank the blood dripping from that said heart. He felt his energy refilling, his dry veins filled with fresh blood, he felt alive. He looked down at the body and pushed down the cliff "opps!! Didn't mean to".
" and now to take this baby home!" he said happily "and change, I have work and a hot date tonight! I cannot let see me like this, I got her back recently. You know what I mean, dear reader."
As he flew back to his house, he was filled with happiness,joy and satisfaction for achieving his ultimate goal: Immortality
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