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Meeting my soul mate, before I knew her well. Locked & working at a gas station, alone.
My love stretches past our moon and that star.
Do you see it way out there?
Deeply, I adore you into the skies so far.
I remember long ago, fogging a window.
You were behind the glass frame.
Hoping at the time, you'd felt the same.
I drew a heart in the cloud I'd made.
Do you remember that day?
Both of us alone.
Happiness, unknown...
Every time, seeing you, sublime.
I was thinking we'd make it forever.
Remember that so long ago?
How about that star, so far?
See, it's still shining,
so bright and blinding.
Light years away,
it's light continues even after it fades, forever.
It continues strong,
it carries on.
Ignites such
beautiful sights.
Beauty, like you.
Remember us?
We happened so soon.
Past our moon,
my love for you.
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