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a short story about an angel and demon who fell in love
Once upon a time, there lived an angel queen. She had two children who were both twin boys. There also lived a demon king, he had one daughter. One day there was a war between the demons and angels. The king of demons was angry and struck at the queen, it missed and hit one of the twin boys and killed him. The queen sent the other little boy to the human realm. The demon king sent his daughter to the human real as well, for he feared she would no longer be safe in the demon realm.
As the queen sent her boy to the realm of humans she was hit with a blast of magic from the king, it injured her badly, she surrendered for she feared the safety of her kingdom. Awhile after the girl and boy were sent to the human realm. They both lay on the front steps of an orphanage. The lady walks out and brings them both inside. She gave them names, the girl’s name was Rain and the boy’s name was Ryuki. They both grew up as best friends over the years. Rain started to like Ryuki, he was always there for her and she liked that.
One day two different families came in, one family adopted Rain, the other adopted Ryuki. The family who adopted Rain were very religious and didn't like devils. The family who adopted Ryuki were satanists, they hated angels. Run grew up wanting to go to heaven, to see the white pearly gates, to walk in the streets of gold, and to become an angel one day. Ryuki grew up wanting to go to hell, to burn, to suffer, and to work. They grew up completely different than their parents wanted them to.
Rain and Ryuki went to school together but didnt talk anymore because of how different they grew up. Ryuki always seemed to target Rain and her “friends”. Her “friends” were fake, they only liked her because she was popular and rich. Ryuki picked on and teased Rain because they were friends before but ever since they got adopted she had changed so much. Rain was sick of it, one day in front of the entire school she decided to tell him off. She yelled at him and told him that just because they grew up as friends and drifted apart, he shouldn't be the one picking on her, she told him she was done putting up with him always messing with her, and she walked off.
Rain felt proud of herself for standing up to him finaly, but after that he messed with her even more. She was stressed out, and her “friends” left her because she was losing followers and she isn't popular anymore. Even though she felt like this, she went to school everyday and kept a fake smile on her face the entire time. One day when Ryuki messed with her, he pushed past the limits, and Rain broke down in front of him. She fell to the ground and her eyes filled with tears. He sat on the ground and let her lay on his lap. She told him everything that happened. He listened and let her cry and cry, until she felt better.
That day they started to be friends again. Eventually they fell in love again. Ryuki decided to tell Rain how he felt, he hid a note in her locker and hid in the hallways, waiting for her to go to her locker and read it. She walked up to her locker, opened it and the letter fell out. She opened it and started reading it. The letter read;

Dear Rain, 11/12/18

My sweet Rain, you are the best person alive and i didnt know how to tell you this, so i wrote it…. You, you are the reason i smile everyday and I'm so glad I met you. You bring the sunshine to my dark clouds, moonlight to my night sky, and shade to my hot days. You are the sweetest person I have ever met, and I just wanted to remind you of that. Well, i'm still stalling for what i wanted to say… well just, just turn around.


Rain turns around and looks at Ryuki, she sees the flowers and he asks her out, she immediately says yes and hugs him tightly. They started dating, they were together for two years, Ryuki surprises Rain with a picnic and a romantic walk. They are so happy together, then out of nowhere people started screaming and running in terror. Rain is picked up off of the ground and pulled into the air by a demon. He then disappeared. The demon and Rain are now in the demon realm and Rain is in her demon form. She wakes up and looks around, she is about to scream when someone looks upon her and tells her not to worry, and she is safe.
The demon explains what happened in the past and tells her that she is needed to save the human, angel, and demon world. Her father has gone corrupt from all the power he has. Rain asks if she can go back to the human realm and bring someone here with her. She is allowed to get one person, and no more. She chooses to grab Ryuki and bring him with her, he is confused but goes with her anyways.
Rain explains everything she knows to Ryuki before they go to the demon realm. When they go there Ryuki turns into an angel instead of a demon, everyone is confused. The demon that brought Rain here banishes Ryuki to the dungeon. He tells her that he is dangerous and he is not to be touched by her hands. Se gets upset but knows what she must do to save the realms. She trains everyday for 2 years, and for 2 years she saw no sign of Ryuki. For 2 years Ryuki was trapped away in a dungeon cell, for 2 years he tried everything he could to get out of there.
Rain takes control of the demon realm and is pronounced as queen. She gets ready for battle when the guards announced that the boy angel has escaped, she teleports to the cell to find him very well missing from the cell, she yells for the guards to find him, and that when they found him that no harm shall come to him. She prepares for battle again, and takes off with over 3,000 demons fighting by her side. She attacks the angelic realm and hits her father with her full forced power causing him to go unconscious. She takes him back down to the demon realm to save him from his curse.
She does just that, but also saves her kingdom from the curse that was placed on it 7,000 years ago. She had become the strongest warrior and queen ever. She found the lost angel and took him where he belonged. She sang a song of sweet sorrow of her loss every night at the same time every night, hoping that somehow, someway he would hear her. She sang a sad song in the evening and played a soft melody during the day so the people in her kingdom would forgive the mistake of her ancestors all those years ago.
Every night Ryuki hears the voice of his loved queen calling out to him, he sings back in hope she hears him too, but the sweet demon queen shant not hear the sorrows of the king of angels. Every day he hears the queens laying but he plays a sweet melody on the guitar for his people. Those in the human realm live their lives as normal, but hearing the melody of love, knowing one day they will find their melody of love.
As you listen to the world around you, you may find that in everything you do, you do in love and never in fear. You live for the feeling of love, you breath out a melody that matches with one other person. You are a soulmate to someone you may not even know. You do everything in life in love and laughter.
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