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Rated: ASR · Prose · Relationship · #2204709
Must John let everything good slip out of his hands? (More I add, the more it's a WIP).
Shawna's curb had litter blowing about. Leaves blew over the lawn.

John frowned at the neighborhood, so green and clear. Lawns raked and mowed, except for his—her—yard, where the leaves rolled about, announcing that he no longer claimed the place. He stomped on the brakes, brought the car to a screeching halt. Everybody didn't need to know Shawna's business. He should be there. While it might be late for that, he could be graceful. He cringed and flashed a smile.

Shawna nodded and stepped out, Poised to close the door, she turned to him. She scratched beneath her nose. "Yesterday, you went to—"

Shawna's blue eyes saw too much. John looked down at the pedals, gripped the steering wheel, and shook his head. "Carol had a late shift."

Shawna stiffened. A rain drop ran down her jawline, another caressed her cheek. "She ... didn't accept."

John's throat tightened. "Beginning to rain, Shaw. Should get inside, before you catch your death."

She wiped her eye. "I can take it, John, my love."

John winced. They both wanted someone to take her in his arms, make it go away. She would wait a long time before she would invite any other man. It would be so easy to say yes, at least for today. He had no right, no right at all, to waste her time like that. He held her gaze. "If you don't get in out of this mess, you'll be miserable all week."

Shawna nodded and ran to the house, head bowed.

The car lurched forward, slapping her door closed as John drove away.

"Why, John?" He pushed the accelerator. "One little lie is all it would've—"

The stop sign came at him too fast. He swerved to avoid hitting a young man crossing the street, and stopped halfway in the intersection.

He sat and stared for half a minute. He slapped on the hazards,yanked the key., and slammed the door.

The pedestrian still stood there, mouth agape.

John turned to walk away.

"But, you can't leave it in the intersection! That's a perfectly good car,"

He shook his head and waved the keys in the air. "That's the point, isn't it? I don't know a good thing when I've got it."

"Well, go park it or something."

"You care so bloody much, take her." He threw the keys in the man's face and stalked off.

"Well, I'm not going to just..."

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2204709