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by winter
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A girl and a boys poem together,of their lives.
For years they played together with each others toys,
even tho they were girl and boy.

But as life went on and they grew,
the words they spoke was little to few.

He went to high school and made new friends with a small price of his old,
She struggled to love herself as she new she was alone but only spoke lies as she was told.

Once in awhile they shared a day full of joy like a old friend,
but as fast it came it went to a end.

This poem cannot be finished even tho its a story,
u may believe ever story has its glory.

But no they well live in the present,
living the story hoping that it will be pleasant.

And even if the future looks gray,
hoping they can look there separate ways and forget the past like ever day.

Be warned as u might say,
for a story like this can only be written today.

but once its written on there heart unable to be replaced,
even if it cannot be traced.

The thought from the little girl to a young woman,
and the boy to a young man.

"We are different now but not so long ago we were the same in all eyes,
but now that you look at me in that way well we ever sit together watching the sunrise?"

"You've touched my heart all my life,
and now u stab me with my own knife."

Is endless,
with being friendless.

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