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Rated: 13+ · Novel · Fantasy · #2204987
Rough draft of a more R Rated novel I am writing. Let me know what y'all think.
The sky was clouded over in a shear dark grey. The cool winter breeze blew through the grassy meadow. One dead tree stood atop the lonely hill in the distance, the crows rested upon the grey branches. A man wondered, lonely along the hillside. He stumbled through the tall grass, weaving his way through the sea of corpses. Fresh blood soaked into the dirt like a sponge. He watched as some crows feasted on the flesh of the dead men. The man looked up into the sky, blood dripping down his face. The crows call echoed through the valley. The man looked off to the distance ahead of him and saw the sea. The sea was calm, the breeze was cold. Overlooking the sea was the mountain range topped with snow.
All he could see was blood dripping from his weapon as he cut down every single one of those men. He heard the crows singing a familiar tune. He slowly turned around to find a mysterious woman clothed in black with crows flying around her. He could see long white hair flowing from hood of the cloaked figure. He could hear the Hymn of the Gods humming in his ears. The woman stopped and slowly started to turn her head to look directly at the man. He suddenly felt a pain in his chest. He looked down to find a crow slowly eating its way from within his chest. Once the crow broke through the skin, the man began to scream. The woman smiled, her lips black as the night. Thick, black liquid dripped from the woman’s teeth as she smiled watching the man being eaten alive from the inside.
“You only brought me ninety-nine souls. Your soul will make one-hundred.” The woman’s laugh echoed through the valley. The man continued to scream as more crows began to feast upon his flesh alive. Once the man took his last breath, the crow landed on the arm of the mysterious woman.
“Dark Lord, the sacrifices have been made. Soon the time will come when you shall rise again.” The woman’s voice continued to echo through the valley. Thunder rolled through the valley along the dark clouds. Crows began to fly down into the tall grass feasting on the corpses. Four more figures clothed in black appeared. They all stood together and watched the crows. A particular crow landed on the mysterious woman’s arm. Some blood was dripping from the crow’s beak. The woman let the blood drip on her finger. Then put her finger in her mouth, tasting the blood. A smile crossed her face.
“Humans are miserable fools.” The other four mysterious figures stood next to her. Some crows picked out the dead men’s eyes, others ripped open their wounds more to get through to the organs. Some men had their organs falling out, the crows picked through their insides, eating all they could.
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