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Desperation and Depression
I can't cry like I want to.
Little ones depending on me
Need me to be strong-
But how long can I bear their tears
And mine too?
What shoulder can I lean on?
Whose heart can I trust?
What do you do when you are the rock?
Stability is a must...

Some will either catch or stab me
In my back and it all depends on
How long I serve my purpose-
So I ask myself,
In the end, is it all worth it?

Who can you trust? No one.
The desert is vast
And the oasis you found won't last.

Life is cutthroat.

And, knowing this fact,
I sink into a spiraling abyss
Of emotions that lead my heart amiss.
This train never stops and the line doesn't end.
This is the eye or sorrows, my dear friends.

My fragile, childish soul,
Is still reaching for real Hope.
Where is the Light?
Which path is right?

Atheism or Salvation?
Deliverance or Devastation?
Satisfaction in Trust or Sorrow of my Souls?

Only Time will make me whole.

I have too many questions,
And Father Time has the answers-
Only Time will tell
If I shall fare well-
I pray Faith and Time intervene
In the middle of my sorrows, tomorrow.

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