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I thought that this title would bring hope to people.
Keeping you steady on the ground, weathering the storms that bog you down, feathering wings of hope can surely be a sound of blessed assurance. Hearing the soft and gentle wings of the hummingbird, good news will come from everywhere, soothing the air with a justice that's fair.

Feeling like you're ready to elope, feathering wings of hope can give you that hope. In the beginning of starting a relationship, there's no departing; separation doesn't exist when your love is real. Coming from the heart, it was the stars that put us on the charts. Sealed with your kisses, the real deal is fulfilled by your true wishes.

When an array of sunshine brings up negativity, feathering wings of hope can restore the bit of positivity that used to glow on your face, by retrieving that forgotten smile.

Swinging back and forth like a pendulum, trying to get the balance back from the pits of despair, feathering wings of hope fought for your dignity, putting your self-esteem where it needed to be; it's called confidence.

Taking you up in the air, giving you the freedom to fly like a bird, using your arms, feathering wings of hope can let your imagination go wild. Leaving you mellow all day long, you'll feel light as a feather, light enough to sing a sweet gentle song.

Spreading its wings around you, feathering wings of hope lets you speak in front of a large group of people, making it as free as a breeze to get through. There's no use to quiver; to deliver an interesting message that'll be encouraging to other people, makes it possible to help you absorb the crowds.

Feathering wings of hope will come to your side, there's no reason to run and hide, it'll always abide in strength, there's no limit to its length.

Written By Anna Marie Carlson
Monday, November 17, 2019
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