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This is a story about a cat who wants a family

Andrews Cat Orangie Black

Once upon a time, there was a cat that had orange fur and black legs.

This cat's name was Orangie Black, he had a very sweet personality, he was a street cat and lived on the sidewalks of a neighborhood called Friendly Street.

One day he realized that he wanted a human friend someone he could love, make a home with his special with his special power was that he could talk, nobody knew he could talk because he was afraid no one would accept him.

"I wish I had a friend I could talk to maybe a little boy or a girl". Orangie Black said as he passed a house with a little boy sitting on the porch "Come here kitty". The little boy said.

Orangie Black looked over and saw the little boy and thought is that little boy talking to me? "Come here kitty". The little said again.

Orangie Black looked around to see if anyone else was around, Orangie Black decided to walk to the little boy, the little boy noticed the cat's fur was orange and his legs were black. "What's your name"? the little boy asked as he petted the cat.

Orangie Black started purring he was happy because a human was actually petting him.

"My name is Andrew Parson". He told the cat.

"You are a cute cat". He told the cat.

"Andrew time to eat". His mom told him from the porch window/

"You better go now before my mom and dad come because they don't like cats". Andrew told the cat.

Orangie Black was proud he met a human that noticed him, but then again the little boy's last words were all he could think that his mom and dad don't like cats. "Great if his mom and don't like cats how am I supposed to make a home and live with Andrew"? He asked himself as he made his way down Friendly.

Andrew was eating dinner when his mom noticed he looked a little down "What's Wrong with my little boy"? His mom asked with concern.

'"Mom can I have a cat"? He asked.

"Andrew honey you know me and your dad doesn't like cats! Because they scratch you and they jump on things". She exclaimed.'.

"But mom I know that but I really want a cat and I will take care and train it". He replied.

"Andrew you are only eight years old and you are not old enough for responsibility for a cat or do a simple chore me or your father ask you to do". She said.

"Mom if I can prove to you I can do my chores can I please get a cat"? He asked.

"I don't know Andrew because I and your dad really don't like cats". She replied.

"What's all the talk about"? His dad asked as he just in the house from being in the garage all day working on cars.

"Andrew Wants a cat". His mom informed his dad.

"Why do you really want a cat"? His dad asked.

:" Because there was this cat that I saw walking past the house and it had orange fur and black legs, the cat let me pet it and it seemed well behaved and lovely". He told his parents.

"Ok well m and your mom will think about it tonight and let you know tomorrow what we decided". He said.

"We will"? His mom asked her husband in shock.

"Yes, we will". His dad replied.

"Yes"! Andrew said excitingly.

Later that night when in the parent's bedroom "Are we will really getting a cat"? Andrews's mom asked the dad.

"Yes"! The dad answered.

"But I thought we did not like cats". She answered.

"Yes, but we can get the cat trained". He replied.

"The responsibility of the cat would be too much for him," she said.

"How about this he does chores for a while and proves to us he can do for two weeks and he can get the cat". The dad said.

"Ok'. She agreed.

The next day Andrew was sitting outside waiting for the cat to show up hopefully."Guess what little guy your mom and I agreed to let you have a cat if you can prove you can do your chores for two weeks". The dad told his son.

"Great. What do I have to do"? He asked.

"You have to keep your room clean". The dad informed him.

"I will I promise". Andrew said.

Andrew was so excited to get a cat of his own.

Orangie Black made his way to the little boy's house in hopes he would be there on the front porch. A few minutes later the boy saw the cat coming towards him he quickly got to his feet and ran toward the cat and gave the cat a hug.

"Guess what Orangie Black my mom and dad said I can get a cat as long as I do my chores for two weeks and i choose you". Andrew said excitedly to the cat.

Orangie black new everything he was saying and was excited to be coming into the house where he could finally be loved.

For two weeks Andrew did his chores and his mom and dad let him know he could keep Orangie black, Orangie Black was a good cat he already knew how to use the bathroom and he did not starch up any furniture or jump on things.

One night Orangie Black decided to tell Andrew he could talk.

"Hey, Andrew ". He said

"Who said that"? Andrew asked in a scared voice.

"Andrew do not be scared it is me Orangie Black, I have a secret I can talk". Orangie Black informed him.

"You can talk? Andrew asked.

"Yes". Orangie Black said.

"That's cool". ! Andrew said.

"It is"? Orangie Black asked.

"Yes, becuase now I have a friend to talk to". Andrew informed him.

"Ok, I was afraid to tell you I could talk because I was afraid you would not accept me". He informed Andrew.

"I do accept you, you are my best friend". Andrew said.

Andrew did not tell his parents that his cat could talk because he was afraid they would not accept his best friend.

Andrew and Orangie Black lived happily ever after.

Written By: Tiesha Long

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