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Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Fanfiction · #2206219
Part Five: "The Titan Attacks!"
The giant wolf stared down into the city before cuffing his massive hands together, lifting them up, and then smashing down at the wall repeatedly until it crumbled beneath them giving way to a massive hole in Spagonia’s ancient castle walls. After this the giant simply stepped over the breach and into Spagonia. Mobians and humans began to flee from this as G.U.N forces quickly formed a defensive perimeter to cover the evacuation of civilian personnel. Nobody among the people there knew just who the gigantic wolf was or how he became so large, yet the notion that he had to do with the invaders to the east of the city by United Federation personnel all soon became apparent.

He stomped through the streets with his massive wolf tail swaying behind him and wagging in excitement. As he did the loud booming thuds of his barepawed feet made the ground tremor directly below anyone unfortunate to flee from the giant in time or hiding within Spagonia’s nearby shops. However, it appeared that the monster sized fox didn’t seek to destroy the nearby buildings and instead turned and headed towards the hastily created defensive line.

When he got close enough the commander ordered all the defenders to open fire upon the giant. Not just with rocket launchers and with their mustered-up tanks, but with G.U.N Hunters and beetles as well. Their ordinance had various effects on the giant fox, the concussive bullets did little to know damaged as it seemed he was bulletproof. However, the tank rounds seemed to have stung him causing him to step back. The lasers and energy weaponry did burn him as he grumbled and grabbed a nearby building before using his might to rip it clean off the foundations and lifted it up to toss it.

“IL MIO TURNO CATTIVI!” he said in a booming voice as the giant tossed the entire building at the defensive line of soldiers.

Amy and Uncle Chuck had taken refuge in the Universities basement as had many of the staff, students, and every civilian they could let in. Ever since the emergency alert was let out Amy had made sure Charles was well taken care of as he and the others were watching the news of what was taken place inside and outside the city.

While Amy couldn’t really understand what they were saying, Charles helped her with translation. Everyone inside was fearful of this invasion going on but Rose repeatedly assured them and the others that Sonic and Tails were out there fighting to defend the city. However, eventually the channel turned and the giant wolf in the dark violet toga was seen. Everyone in the university then peeled their eyes and watched at things went from bad to literally and figuratively worse in a larger way.

“Dear Gaia, what is that?” Charles said as he looked at the news.

“It’s a giant wolf?” Amy said almost rubbing her eyes in disbelief at what they were both witnessing.

“I’ve never seen a Mobian big as that, I didn’t even think it’s possible.” Charles stated.

“Sonic, Tails, and I have fought giant robots before sure. Also, some big dudes before, but nobody as big as THAT. We’ve got to call Tails and Sonic, we can’t have a…wolfzilla stomping around outside. “ Amy said.

Amy then tried to get into contact with Tails via a portable communicator Tails gave both Sonic and herself before the funeral. Tails was able to patch through her message and they both were able to see each other on the tiny communicator. It appeared Tails was with a group of civilians while the sound of fighting was heard off in the distance.

“Tails, are you guys alright? What’s going on over there?” Amy asked.

“I’m fine, but I don’t know about Sonic. He went off to fight the Moebians from what I saw. Things are getting bad here, G.U.N forces are starting to lose ground here in the east side of the city. I’m going to try and get the Cyclone VX9 from my hanger here and provide them with some air support.” Tails said

“Um Tails, we sort of have a BIG problem to the west of the city.” Amy said rather concerned.

“What is it? Are the Moebians attacking the other side of town?” Miles asked her.

“Yeah, but the thing is. There’s a giant one of them attacking. Like, as big as Vector that one time or you. He’s heading right for us, I don’t want the university hurt. Please come here Tails!” Amy replied back.

“I’m on my way!” Tails said as he turned off the channel.

Amy then switched channels to try to contact Sonic. He came in and she saw he was kneeling and seemed to be hurt. Instinctively, Amy gasped and became worried as she normally is about his condition.

“Oh Sonic, are you okay?” Amy asked in nervousness.

“Yeah, I’ll manage. I had a run in with their leader, Amanda. They got this crazy psychic witch directing them, she sounds like one of those freaky versions of ourselves on Moebius alright.” Sonic replied.

“Oh well there’s um…On second thought you may need to stay there and help the humans on that side, Tails and I will try to hold off the giant.” Amy said.

“Wait, wha-“ Sonic was able to get out before Amy turned off the communicator.

“Will be okay here Charles? Tails needs my help out there.” Amy asked him.

“Yes Mrs.Rose, Q.Cumber can watch over me. Just go and help out Miles stop that big monster out there.” Charles said.

“Will do!” Amy said as she rushed outside of the basement.

G.U.N forces were getting decimated by the giant wolf man. Most of their ordinance save for their larger heavy concussive weaponry and energy weapons had any effect on him. This combined with the fact the densely urbanized city made it ample for a giant such as his size to get cover and even makeshift weapons to use against them meant any line they could form wouldn’t be able to be held from a giant fox tossing literal buildings at them.

Eventually, the wolf closed in and reached down to pick up a tank before crushing it and shaking it. He then tossed it at some fleeing soldiers. As this was going on Amy was rushing towards him with her Pico-Pico hammer while Tails was getting his latest craft off the runway. Rose had hoped her mystical hammer would be able to stand up to the titan. In the past it was able to easily deal with larger Egg Empire mechs and foes.

“Hey! You big oaf! Pick on someone your own size!” Rose let out as she brazenly moved into view and waved her hammer around.

“CHE COSA? Una ragazza di fiori rosa con un martello di gomma?” The wolf said as he titled his head in confusion.

“I don’t know what you just said, but you’re going to have to scram pal! I won’t let you harm any of my friends here!” Amy let out as the giant looked down at her.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2206219