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a young man weighs the depth of his like for a girl.
         So he had seen another November's end. The sudden cold snap wasn't what gave him chills. The winter wind blowing through the crackling leaves didn't chill him. The thought of picking her up was what made him shake. The last time he picked up the girl, her father had cornered him with a full-on interrogation. He had wanted to know every last detail of his driving record, his grades, his outlook on the future. Prepared for another interrogation, the young man juggled the corsage he had bought at the flower shop on Broadway between his two hands. He knocked timidly on the door.
         Relief flowed through the young man as the girl's mother opened the door with a smile until he saw her uniform, police blues. The young man didn't know that was the woman's profession. Before their last date, the girl had just told him her mother would be at work. He was ready to back away down the sidewalk.
         "Come in young man, we need to talk," She invited with a tone of voice inviting the loss of bladder control. He wanted to run! Instead, he followed her mother in to the dining room. She sat at one end of the table, her service revolver sat in front of her on the table. He could smell fresh gun oil. "So, you told my husband that you had never had a speeding ticket. That wasn't quite accurate now was it?" She picked up her gun and began cleaning it.
         "No ma'am, I uh, well I was going twenty three in a twenty mile per hour zone. I hadn't been able to slow down yet... The cop was a real douche..." he stopped talking calling a cop a douche bag might not be a good idea when an officer was cleaning her gun right in front of him. He felt a warm dribbling sensation down his leg. He dropped the corsage and made his way quickly out the door. He didn't care if she was the fucking prom queen next spring. He was done! He ran down the sidewalk and was halfway down the block before he remembered his car.

         She came down the stairs at the sound of the front door slamming. She entered the dining room and saw her mother. "Oh mom! You have had the weekend off! Why are you in uniform! Why are you cleaning your gun again?" The girl sighed she wasn't going be out on a date until she moved out of the house.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2206731