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I understood the meaning of destiny and fate the hard way. All this while, my life was nothing less than a fairy tale and yes, the events that occurred in my life were part of my destiny but just because it only brought happiness, success, wealth and love in my life, I never took time to assess the destiny in detail. For me, it was just thanking god for all of it.{/center}

Only, when the life took a steep ugly U turn pushing me down to the dark corner, I realised that destiny have another side too and oh boy, it is tough to deal with. There comes a time in life when things fall apart, your loved ones depart, your path for success comes to a sudden halt and you almost feel like you have reached a dead end. This moment would make you second guess everything that you have known about destiny and faith. It feels like we have been abandoned. We feel that the path ahead is completely blurred. We start conflicting our belief in god and end up complaining for the miserable life; whereas we fail to understand that it is actually a part of life. This is when it got me thinking - Why am I feeling this resentment? Just because certain things didn't shape up as I desired or people who had taken vows of togetherness have left? Why this should end my faith in god? We all know everything that happens in life has a purpose and teaches us some valuable lessons. Yes, I do agree that some lessons are learnt the hard way but they are also the ones that make us strong so that we can withstand the next blow that we are likely to face in future. Life is all about ups and downs, happiness and sorrow, success and failure. But life is also a great balancer just like how sunset is always followed by a sunrise. There is always light at the end of a tunnel. All we have to do is maintain our faith in god and continue to move forward in life. Instead of feeling victimised, we should urge god to award us with strength and clarity to face that challenging situation that is thrown at us. I promise you, in the end everything works out and fall in place. So, let's pull up our socks, wear our armor and face the situation like a warrior. God bless!

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