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Belgium offers her girlfriend a nice, comfortable jacuzzi. Seychelles eagerly accepts.
A bit of information about this: Belgium is a girl in this (just like in the anime), but she has a dick and balls. Seychelles knows about this, and she trusts Belgium not to melt her down. Belgium is also her girlfriend. Seychelles: Maria Bishop, and Belgium-Laura Edwards.

Seychelles was on her way to Belgium for a nice, sexy surprise for her busty, beautiful girlfriend. A nice, long plane ride was her way there, and she'd, once Seychelles arrived, be picked up by Belgium. Maria Bishop sighed, and relaxed into her seat. She was only an hour into her flight!

After her flight, she walked up to Belgium, who was giving her an eye. In Belgium's pants, there was a small, but distinct bulge. Most people would assume that she'd accidentally left a ball down there, but Seychelles knew better. Laura Edwards had a dick and balls.

It was her favourite thing to play with, apart from her various adult toys at home. "Is your room ready?" Maria asked, one hand coming up to rest on Belgium's shoulder, who nodded. Seychelles beamed.

"Let's go, then," Laura said, pulling the other woman in to a hug. After a few minute's worth of walking outside to Belgium's car, and placing in her luggage, they left.

After an hour or so, they arrived at Belgium's home. After a few minutes, her luggage was unloaded, and placed in Belgium's room. "Alright," the busty Belgian woman said, "do you want to sleep in it tonight, or do you want to spend the day in it tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow," Maria said. "I think it'd be better if I spent the day squirming about in your balls." Belgium smiled, and, since it was fairly late at night, went to bed with Seychelles.

The following morning, the two ate breakfast while nude, then Seychelles got ready for her nice, but cramped, day. Then, the girlfriend duo walked to Belgium's bed, and Maria sat down on her bed. "When are you going to begin?" She teased seductively. Belgium smiled, but held out her hardening penis.

"Oh, it's ready." Laura smirked. "My only question is are you ready to begin?" Seychelles giggled, but eagerly watched as Laura's penis hardened until it was standing erect. "I do have a few things to do today, so honestly be prepared for a ton of swaying from the inside," she added thoughtfully.

"Alright," Seychelles said.

"Do you want in my very private jacuzzi now?" Belgium asked, and Seychelles nodded, slipping her feet in. Laura moaned aloud as the sheer sensation and subsequent pleasure caused her nipples to harden. Maria smiled, and began to slowly push herself into the cock. Belgium, who was now moaning and panting in pleasure, gently grabbed Seychelles' shoulders and pulled lightly on them.

"This honestly feels amazing," Maria admitted, the feeling of the penis sliding up her legs causing her nipples to stiffen and her vagina to begin dripping slightly. Her girlfriend groaned, but managed to smile at her.

"Ah!" Belgium moaned. Seychelles sliding into her dick was far too pleasurable. Maria just smiled, and let Laura push her in more, and the tip of the surprisingly massive and somehow light cock reached her belly. "I'm-I'm s-sorry," she stuttered. "You're just too...ah!"

Belgium came slightly, cum leaking out. Seychelles smiled, feeling her busty girlfriend's hands push her farther into the penis. By now, the tip had reached her breasts, and her own arms were inside the dick as well. "I think my feet are in your balls now," Maria said, feeling a sloshy, slushy liquid between her toes. Laura moaned, and began to push Seychelles in, and soon she was in up to her shoulders. "I-I guess I'll see you soon then," Seychelles said, a bright, warm smile on her face.

"I'll-I'll see you too." Belgium groaned, and pushed what was left of Seychelles into her member, gently kneading her path into the balls quickly. Finally, she felt Maria's full weight arrive in her sack. "Ah~" Laura moaned again, but sighed happily.

"It's really nice in here," she heard Seychelles say, and Belgium felt Seychelles begin to squirm light heartedly.

"Thanks baby girl," she said gratefully. "I do have things to do, 'member? So get ready for a nice day full of a swaying jacuzzi for yourself." She didn't hear anything from Seychelles, but Laura felt Maria rub against the innards of her sack. Her day was long, and arduous.
(From this point on, which starts as soon as Seychelles enters the sack, it changes to her perspective)
I sighed happily as I finally entered the nut, my long hair slipping in behind me, and, thanks to the sticky, sloshy, slushy liquid around me, which was now up to my chest, flowed around me, like a halo over an angel. It was all thanks to my beautiful, busty, girlfriend who had a dick.

In fact, she was speaking to me, and I strained my ears to hear her. "I do have things to do, 'member? So get ready for a nice day full of a swaying jacuzzi for yourself." I hadn't heard the full message, but I smiled, and began to gently shift my body from side to side, using both my hands and my feet to gently kick and tickle the wall of the nut-like chamber. My day was going nicely so far, and I sighed to myself as Belgium began to walk, my temporary 'prison' swaying and shaking with every step she took.

I began to feel a bit sleepy, but I began to use Morse Code against the wall of my temporary chamber to signal to Laura my intentions. She replied by gently tapping out her reply, which was, 'I figured. I'll make sure you don't get churned up into my cum. Love you babe.' I smiled, and let my eyes begin to slide shut, the cum flowing over and under my sitting form.

After what felt like a second or two, I awoke to my hiding place swaying, and I figured that Belgium was walking into the government building, prepared for a long day in the office, or just running papers back and forth. I smiled, and lay my head back against the fleshy wall of the ball. I heard her groan, and thought for a moment.
What could be causing her pain?

Then I realized: I was causing her pain. It must be sensitive from the inside, and me laying my head back pushed against it uncomfortably, thus causing her pain. "I'm fine Emma," I heard Belgium say. "Just a bit of a surprise pain is all, not much." I didn't hear Emma reply, but I assumed she did because a moment later I felt Laura walking. It felt like hours before she stopped, but I still felt movement.
What was going on?
Then I heard her speak. "I'm sorry Sey, but I walked to my office. Whatever you're thinking, it wasn't your fault. This type of pain does happen occasionally, and it catches me off guard. I went to my office because I needed to speak with you. Honestly, you being in there feels great," Belgium admitted. "In fact, I was hoping you wouldn't mind being in there another day."
I smiled, and replied. "I wouldn't mind being in here another day. The cum flowing over and under me feels wonderful, so I wouldn't mind staying another day in here. Thanks."
From my small, circular room, I felt Laura use one free hand to begin stroking herself softly. Her gentle moans of pleasure was reassuring, and I felt my eyes begin to slide shut yet again.
After easily a few hours or so, I again woke to swaying, but it was rather violent in terms of motion, like Belgium was running or even dancing. What was she doing now? Was Laura making sure I had fresh air for the night? I didn't get a chance to wonder any more before I was shooting up the tight tube. I gasped as fresh, but cool air slammed into my face, and I realized what was going on quickly.
She was letting me out for the night. I smiled, and, upon feeling my legs and feet be freed from the cock, sat up, a smile on my face, and a massive grin on hers. "Thanks babe," I said, working on getting feeling back into my legs.

"No problem babe." Belgium said, letting the magic used to enlargen her member fade away, and her balls shrink back to normal. We spent the night cuddling.

(So recently, the story rating for this got changed from ASR-Adult Supervision Recommended-to Graphic Content. I'm not going to fight it, as that might result in my account being terminated. Personally, I do agree with it, as I was debating with myself over whether or not to change it)
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