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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Adult · #2207321
After America begins to grope her while at home, Canada takes drastic actions.
"Am-Amelia! Please, stop!" Canada gasped as her younger sister grabbed her large bust, kneading them with her gloved hands and gently pinching the hardened nipples.

"But sis," America moaned. "Your nice and large boobies are great to grope!" Her hands rubbed against her breasts, which caused Madeleine to throw her head back and moan in pleasure.

"Be-be as that be, please, stop," the curvaceous Canadian woman said. Finally relenting, the busty American lady let go.

"Sis!" She whined slightly before her older sister turned around and smirked at her.

"As...pleasurable as that was," the redheaded Canadian said, "you did break my rule: no groping unless consent between both parties has been given." Canada smiled like a serial killer who had just found his last victim and was preparing to torture them. "And for that rule being broken, I must punish you."
Amelia's eyes widened (like how if you see something you're afraid of, then your pupils shrink slightly-that's basically what happened to America here) as her busty, but ridiculously strong sister easily tore off her clothes down to her panties and her bra. Then Canada pulled off her own clothes, revealing her American flag-striped underwear.

"Maddie!" She protested.

"Oh, but you broke my rules," Canada said slightly seductively. "And I have to punish you." Without any warning, she grabbed America's shoulders, and shoved the dirty blonde American woman's entire head in her mouth. Although Amelia squirmed, she was unable to prevent her older sister from taking the first gulp, which pulled her head to the back of the throat, and she stared down into the pulsating mass called the throat.

"Madeleine!" America protested. "I really don't want to be in your gut!" Canada didn't answer, but she gripped her little sister's sides firmly and swallowed again. The imprint of Amelia's face appeared in her throat, and Amelia's E-Cup breasts hit her chin. Madeleine had experience in swallowing other countries with breast sizes either equal or smaller than hers, so it was easy for her to unhinge her jaw and pull her little sister's big breasts in.

As she began to gently chew on America's breasts, her younger sister moaned. It felt really good...and now that she thought about it, her hands wandered to her nethers. But Canada stopped her, the message being easily heard despite the human shaped meal blocking off her vocal chords. 'Don't. You can masturbate all you want when you're in my gut.' Amelia just moaned-her nethers were just dripping with the sheer effort not to begin wildly pounding herself with her fingers.

"Sis," America said, her voice strained with the effort, "please, don't digest me." Canada just tapped her prey's head, then gulped again, Amelia's breasts slipping into her powerful, pulsing throat. Finally, America's head arrived in her stomach. There was half-digested food in there, and her gut was rumbling. "Maddie!" America begged. "Please don't digest me!" Canada just rubbed her hands over Amelia's butt, and the American woman felt a spell enter her skin.

She wouldn't be churned up into a nutritional soup for her elder sister. Her clothes would be though, as they weren't protected by the spell. Madeleine's gut groaned around her as she was forced to began curling up inside the cramped organ. Canada swallowed again as her little sister's butt entered the growling and churning gut. Finally, finally, her precious little sister was entirely inside her growling, gurgling and churning stomach. "Oh sweet Amelia," Madeleine sighed. "You filled me up nicely."
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