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A short story of how she went back with him even though he had a girlfriend
After many years, I decided to have a relationship with a long time ago boyfriend.

I was way young when we started, and he was a few years older. Due to my parents being in the
middle of everything, we broke it off.

A few years later, we reconnected. I moved to his state but that didn't work. So, after 8 months I came back home to my home state.

He followed me, but still things were broken off after 3 months.

Two years passed and after so, we started talking again.

This time he had a girlfriend and I had just broken with my boyfriend.

He texted me once saying he wanted to have a relationship with me even though he had a girlfriend, that he needed to find out how he felt after so long.

I thought it was a one time thing, so I agreed.

We met at a Hotel, and he stayed the whole night.

Around 4 AM his girlfriend called to see how he was doing because he told her he had to work late, which Im guessing he normally did as an Uber driver but that was beyond blatant.

I felt bad afterwards, but that was the woman I told him was going to give him a shake, and he would never know what happen.

After that night we each went to our homes.

The following day he texted me asking me if I wanted to hangout. I told him I couldn't, because I had to work till 9PM.

He replied by saying, it was ok, he would wait and work late. That he just wanted to have some coffee. I told him, I couldn't that if anything on the weekend we could.

His reply was that on the weekends he spent with her, and even though he worked at nights he couldn't stay anywhere.

I never replied back...

After the weekend, on Monday he texted again. Asked me to hang out again, and I told him what was his deal... What were his intentions and what did he want.

It seemed sincere when he said; I missed you and miss you. I want to spend time with you to know if I still love you. I want to see you everyday, but then again that's only if you want to.

I agreed to seeing him and we just spoke and went on about how things were and how things used to be.

But I told him those things were in the past, and that sadly I was not the same person.

If he loved that person to let her go, because he wasn't going to find her again.

If he wanted to get to know the new me as a friend, that was fine.

He had a girlfriend, 10 years older than him and she had 2 kids.
If he was happy with that, to live his life, if not then to find what he was looking for.

In the middle of everything I don't know what happened but I ended up in his little game.

After a month or so, he asked to come over my apartment and stupid me let him.

He sometimes stayed the night, and sometimes stayed to study and finish his degree.

He told me he felt more at peace in my house and that In his house he couldn't study because of the kids.

After a year, things turned for the worse.

He grew paranoid and started saying I was going out with other people and would show up to my apartment at 2am, 3am, 4am to supposedly check up on me.

He had me on his phone under a guys name. Many many other things.

I tried to break it off, but he kept insisting and coming etc.

Until one day he diapered.

He didn't answer texts or calls or anything.

It hurt, it hurt a lot.

Finally after a few months i wrote a farewell letter.
In the end, after 2 years a lot has happened and now is when he sees the email...

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