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This is an attempt of a speech.
It seems to reckon that the elite has the power to overthrow the lower class people, stripping them of their rights. To me, it seems unfair that the majority has the power to ruin people's lives, controlling them in a way that they are powerless to change.

What would it take for the elite to be defeated? So many lives have been lost because they couldn't afford to have medication that was needed to prolong their life. What a tragedy this is for that to happen. Life is valuable and precious; you wouldn't want to take away a special talent or gift that a person has in order to make someone happy.

Whatever a person's doing with his/her power, it does not make them above the law. No one should have the means to throw their weight around to demean or disgrace someone who is in a lower class of people, such as low income, poverty, and homelessness. These people are powerless to fight against the attacks that they are up against. For one thing, they're not able to advance into a higher income bracket due to lack of education; they're not able to afford the high cost of tuition and supplies that it takes to make it through the course. Money talks. It's such a shame that ones with power can attack the lower class by bullying them and threatening their lives.

The people in the higher class who have a lot of power, due to having a lot of money or status in the political arena, shouldn't be a leader thinking only of themselves, wanting to destroy the economy in every way possible, making it miserable for everyone.

Taking away their power would be essential; they need to be responsible for their actions and stripped of their dignity when they have abused their power.

The people that have a lot of power need to practice compassion for those who are less fortunate. It's not the fault of those less fortunate, that they are the way they are.

Imagine how much better the world would be, if the defeat of the elite would be accomplished. Compassion is a good thing; the lower-income shouldn't have to worry in regards to their health, housing, and the way they dress. These are people too and should be treated with respect in all that they do.

Written By Anna Marie Carlson
Wednesday, December 11, 2019

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