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Rated: GC · Short Story · Gay/Lesbian · #2207666
Canada convinces Ukraine to eat her. WARNING: Vore and drunken character!
Ukraine quickly found out that Canada didn't exactly handle her vodka well. Within at least three drinks, the Canadian woman was slurring her words, her posture was slumped over, and she was giggling to herself. "An-an-an I was wondering," Canada slurred, shifting from side to side as if she was keeping her balance, "if you wouldn't mind keeping me in your gut for a week?"
Ukraine blushed. "Canada!" She began to reprimand, "This is not the time or place!" Canada just giggled, then placed one hand on one of Ukraine's breasts, and gently gripped it. The Ukrainian female blushed heavily, her cheeks darkening as her girlfriend drunkenly groped her.
"But Kat..." Canada whined drunkenly. "I wanna be in your gut!" With that, although drunk, said, she poked Ukraine's stomach with her free hand. The curvy Ukrainian woman thought about it. Canada did look very appetizing...even tasty...heck, even her belly was agreeing with Canada.
"In the morning," she said, determination lacing her voice.
"But I'll still be drunk in the morning," the equally busty Canadian female said. Both of them knew it wasn't true, but, just to lightly scare her, Ukraine gently licked Canada's hand, and almost gasped at the taste. Her girlfriend's hand was tasty, and the taste was euphoric! Katyusha smiled. Madeleine would be in her stomach for a week after all.
Canada woke up, her legs and feet feeling oddly wet. She groaned as she felt a tugging sensation on her legs. Was America pulling a prank on her again?
Canada's hands were slightly pinned by something, which rippled and moved around them. What was going on? Wait...there was an odd groan emitting from below her. Then she heard an audible moan from what appeared to be right in front of her.
Canada looked down to her waistline, and her violet-indigo eyes widened as wide as dinner plates. Ukraine was slowly eating her, her hands, feet, and legs having already disappeared into the hungry, busty Ukrainian. But Ukraine was calm, and that caused Canada to calm down.
Then Ukraine began to gently tap the bed, and the Canadian woman realized what she was doing.
"Morse code, huh?" She said. "Okay, I trust you." Ukraine, although impossible, seemingly smiled, swallowing again, gently tugging on Canada's upper thighs. Well, that explained the tugging sensation on her legs. Canada felt her feet be forced through a small, circular ring. The female Canadian instantly knew it was the stomach her feet was now in.
Ukraine eagerly gulped again, pulling Canada up to her butt in the hungry Ukrainian's mouth. Both blushed, but the Ukrainian woman swallowed again, bringing in Canada's back. Canada just watched as Ukraine slowly but surely caused her body to vanish into the Ukrainian woman's body. By the time the platinum haired woman had even reached her neck, the blonde woman was closing her eyes and blushing heavily. Her physical form was also being forced into the fetal position due to the cramped conditions of her temporary 'prison'.
Ukraine gulped again, pulling in what remained of Canada into her mouth, then she swallowed one last time, pushing Canada fully into her stomach. "Oh, how tasty you were," the Ukrainian sighed, rubbing her bloated belly with one hand. Canada didn't say anything, she just began to lightly squirm, shaking Ukraine's stomach from side to side. Ukraine burped, blushed, and easily moved her arms slightly behind her back.
Canada smiled, blushed, and closed her eyes as she mentally prepared herself for a nice, long week inside of a busty Ukrainian's stomach. "Wait," she said, her violet-indigo eyes still closed as Katyusha's heart beat above her. "What time is it?"
"Sunday," Ukraine answered happily.
"Okay." Madeleine said, snuggling into the stomach lining. It had been Friday that she had been drunk. Ukraine smiled, and lay down on Canada's bed, one hand patting her overstuffed gut. It didn't even dawn on her as she fell asleep that maybe her bra and her shirt had been torn apart as she swallowed Canada alive.
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