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Based on a picture prompt, How does Tommy make Christmas? Read on to find out more...

         Tommy who is 8 was recently adopted by his Mother, Jenny. They live in a nice neighborhood but are in poverty. Jenny is in her late twenties and is a waitress in the neighborhood’s cafe called, the Blue Bagel.

“Here you go Tommy, I know it’s only a peanut butter sandwich again but it’s all we can afford for now,” said Jenny, Tommy’s Mom while putting Tommy’s hood up getting him ready to go catch the school bus.

“Thank you Mom!” Tommy exclaimed happily while grabbing the lunch bag and waving bye to his Mother going out the door.

         While Tommy stood at the bus stop, he saw a man scraping off snow in the parking lot on the man’s car’s windshield. A light nearly formed at the top of Tommy’s head as he kept watching him doing this. The man saw Tommy and walked over to him.

“Hello Tommy! I know you and Jenny are having hard times and she doesn’t have one of these ice scrapers, here you go, take this, I have two of them anyway,” said Mr. Harvey their neighbor.

“Thanks Mr. Harvey!” Exclaimed Tommy.

         Before the bus came, Tommy went to work on as many of the car’s windshields as he could. Mr. Harvey didn’t see Tommy doing this and already drove off. The other five kids did at the bus stop and they were laughing at him for doing all of that work. Before the bus came, Tommy finished doing at least five of the car’s windshields and back windows.

“Tommy, why are you doing all of this?” asked Melissa laughing when Tommy and her sat down in the bus next to him.

“I want to be helpful and help people out. Maybe I can make some money too,” said Tommy.

“People will only laugh and won’t give you any money for that Tommy,” said Melissa.

“Well, we shall see,” said Tommy while wiping off the ice scraper and putting it in his backpack.

         When Tommy got home from school, he took out the ice scraper and told his Mom about Mr. Harvey giving him it. He also told her about his idea to help make money for them. Jenny was happy but doubted that the neighbors would give him any money for doing this for them.

         Tommy had his Mother wake him up a half an hour early so he could do as many cars as he could. Now, before Mr. Harvey got up, he saw that his car was done and was delighted. Tommy finished scraping off snow on car’s windshields on at least 12 cars!

“Hey Tommy, did you do my car for me this morning?” asked Mr. Harvey curiously.

“Yes I did sir!” said Tommy merrily.

“Well then, here’s five dollars,” said Mr. Harvey handing Tommy the money with a smile.

“Thank you Mr. Harvey!” said Tommy happy and excited.

         When Tommy went home, he told his Mother everything. She was happy for him. Even Melissa couldn’t believe Tommy made money.

         Tommy had his Mother wake him up early again even though there’s no school and it’s a snow day. Tommy still went outside to go do the cars. Tommy finished doing at least 20 cars. All of the people in the neighborhood saw Tommy doing their cars. One by one, each neighbor came to visit Tommy at his house. They gave his Mother five dollars, and another one gave her a ten. Tommy kept doing this until almost Christmas time and the neighbors kept paying him too. His Mother went to buy Christmas gifts for them and Tommy with the money he made. Everyone had a merry Christmas! Tommy continued to brush and scrape snow and ice off of the neighbors cars and he and his Mother no longer lived in poverty. In the summer, he weeded people’s garden, and in the fall he raked their leaves.

Word count: 648
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