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Expect the grammar to be bad, and not nicely organized (I was 10 when I made this story)
Oliver and his cat Encryptic get trapped inside of a vicious nightmare

Oliver and his partner find themselves trapped and have to escape.

On their way, they meet a nightmare in the shape of a bunny which is a nice nightmare, unlike the others. "don't be afraid little one" He says. he has two rows of razor-sharp teeth and a set of slimy jaws full of saliva and has a tongue. "plz don't eat me" I say in a scared voice. *the bunny rolls his eyes* " I told you im not here to eat you, I'm here to tell you something" I turn around " And what would that be" I say in a curious voice

Oliver and blue fur now know this and have more confidence about the boss and now they just need to beat it and its name be the nightmare or nightmare in general

They arrive at nightmares lair witch there he is and the shadow that they met told them that he has a bigger mouth with more teeth than his. And believe it or not, it was actually true

Oliver tries to fight the nightmare to find out that only the nightmare can hurt him not him hurting the nightmare. The nightmare shows his teeth preparing for a bite and blue fur isn’t afraid to sacrifice herself so she bounces up and lands straight into the nightmares mouth. The nightmares double jaws close and he hears a scream and then Encryptic has died, He could tell because Encryptic was never this silent plus he could see her soul in the shape of a child. The nightmare screams in pain as it disappears until its gone. Oliver’s sadness had destroyed the nightmare and there is a better thing Encryptic has come back but there at home to find out that it was just a dream. They had so much fun but it's a good thing that Encryptic didn’t die for real.

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