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Talking about achievement
Last year, our country's one best successful guitarist died. I'm his great fan and follower. You know I am a musician, a guitarist too. The musician died was my idol.And I wanted to be like him and I reached that stage for my perseverance. But the time has changed and everybody's running after money. And music market is down for longtime.
I was also in danger as my heart had trouble for not pumping blood, and my body had deficit of blood, my hands were becoming cold in the winter time of 2017.I was near at stage of heart failure at every step.I couldn't walk or make movement faster as I was doing before.I had chest pain.But I survived and my idol died one year later. He gave a very important message on his most successful solo album.He said, "everything comes in life very lately." He was talking about success.It's true,I believe this very much,as it started to happen very lately in my life too.And I think should I see any such kind of success or should I live until then?Success don't want to come so easily, it comes just before your last moment or passing that moment too.Success, recognition, reward, necessary for every human being. Remind the song of Bob Dylan "How many roads must a man walk down, before you call him a man? Isn't it a very practical lyrics. I love you Bob.I'm having such good thing too,and having remorse for . Should I be a successful man?☺️
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