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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Animal · #2208613
This is an old story i made back in the day about a young man and how he end up as a wolf.
This is a Story I made back in the day, which I forgot all about.
I fell over it and thought that i want to get it out there.
I have Edit for as many Spelling errors i could and fix some of the Grammar and change some text here and there, and this is how it all turns out.
Also, English is the second language I never had an English class in my life, so it all from what i learn myself.
If you see any errors or Grammar errors, please let me know so i can fix them.

My name is Kiba Snowpaw. I am a young Ice Blue/White-Wolf with yellow eyes, and I am 25 years old.
I am 193 cm tall, and I have not always been a wolf, you see.
i know it may be hard to believe, but! I was a young man of 24 at one point, it's hard to think it's been a year already.
I'm here to tell you a story about my life and what I have experienced throughout it, even though I know you will not likely, believe me.
But then again, I don't really care whether you do or not. Because I don't Really write this for you.
I do it because I need to tell someone, and there is a higher chance that you will believe me than ordinary people would.
One day when I was on my way to Baltimore to visit my mother, I went through the forest at dawn.
I think I have to set up camp for the night before it gets too dark to see anything at all.
When I got a little further ahead, I could see the road split into two ways. I could either go to the left to Baltimore, but there are still 3 days of travel on foot, or I could go right to a castle.
I Didn't even know there was a castle out here I have never seen it before, and it's not the first time i go through the forest to visit my mother.
I have walked for a couple of days now with little rest, and I'm fucking tired.
So I decided to walk up to the castle, It was not too far away luckily about 20 minutes walk away more or less.
When I arrived at the castle, I could see that the gates were open.
I found it a little strange, so I went up to the gate and called out, "Is there anybody home."
But no one answered. So I entered and saw all the torches were burning.
"Shouldn't there be someone home," I said to myself, while I went into the castle.
It was not until I was in the middle of a large room with stone walls. It must have been in the main hall. I heard someone say (welcome to my home.)
I nearly jumped at the voice since it sounded so loud in this quiet hall.
I turned around toward the voice, to my surprise, there was a dragon in front of me.
I could not believe it as my mind went into shock; all I could do was staring at the dragon, which came closer and closer till it was so close that I could feel its breath on my face. That was all my mind could take before I passed out.
When I came to myself, the first thing I thought was that I was home, but as soon as I remember what had happened, I got up so quickly that I was about to faint again; I was so dizzy it took me some time to focus.
After some time, as I could focus again, I began to look around to see where I was.

That when I saw the dragon standing in the doorway, leaning against the doorframe. My eyes locked onto the dragon in shock when I started to stutter a ... a .... dddraggggoooonn.
I was so scared I could have passed out again. All I could do was stutter do... do... not eat me...
While I crawl backward on the bed as far as I could until my back was up against the wall.

I just sat there and watched the dragon. I think it took about 1-2 minutes, but it felt like hours.
Then the dragon began to (laugh out loud) while saying, "Why would I eat you. You are my first guest in a very long time."
All I could do was stutter, y.. yo.. you can talk.
The dragon just smiled at me, saying, of course, I can talk.
I began to relax a little when I heard the dragon say, "join me for dinner; you must be hungry from the long journey."
As my stomach began to Grawl, as i replied, I can't take that offer, even though I was hungry as fuck.
I Was still not sure whether it was a good idea to rely on a dragon that i just have met.
It could eat me, although it says it will not, even though it could if it liked.

It just, i would not have a chance if it attacked me.
I fell out of my Trance when I heard it say, "I insist you do, I do not take a no for an answer" at the same moment it disappeared out of the door.
I sat there and thought about it if it was a good idea to come here in the first place.
Fuck it, I said, as I raised myself up to go out the door when I remembered something.
My bag, where is it? I looked around the room and saw it was in the corner of the room beside the bed.
I smiled and left the room to the left where I had seen the dragon disappeared too. It was one large corridor, which I could only go one way.
So I walked down the hallway. That's when I came to a large Staircase.
I looked around to see if there were other ways I could go, but no. The other way was a blind end, so i walk down the stairs, and when I came down at the end of the stairs, I gazed around me, and I noticed i was in the same big Room I fainted in.
It looks kind of like a big hall with some big banner's on the walls, and torches all-round the hall to light it up.
There were only 3 doors in this Room, the main gate which i came through before I fainted which seems to be close off for now and a Double door which is open with light coming from it and another door which is also closed.
I walked over to the double door at my right and looked in and saw it was the dining room, and there was food on the tables.
With an open mouth, I look at the food, then I asked where I should sit as the dragon smiles at me and says, "Anywhere you want to sit."
So I sad a little away from the dragon not to close I didn't trust it yet and not too far away since I don't want to make it mad ether. when I heard the dragon say, "eat all you want, there's more where it comes from."
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