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by Evan
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Modern social existence
Th exact point of our prevailing human existence has been the resulting knowledge acquired through our given experiences . At the beginning ,parental guidance takes into the primary lessons to accept it as primordial obedience to authority . Basic rules of behavior are mandates to recreate and repeat the firsts lessons to form the sense of belonging to a certain family. Nurture begin to expand as the individual is expose to the sense of social culture and its awareness upon the mind .The awareness of subjective consciousness start while being born into the certain sense of a family .We learn to follow directives to conceive our personality as a reality of a conscious being capable of individual singular thought...and emotion . Our improvisation of self as we grow recreating social thought and verse derives from and towards the recognition of factuality. The versions of modeled social that had been emanated from ancestral human cultural experience . We are developed as conscious human being by the progression of social thought throughout the upheavals and trials that gives weight and density to our societal behavior . That is why we are called civilization . Civil because our moral guidelines as diverse as anyone can imagine do portrait the sense of being .Individuality factorized by nurture and culture is one of the equations that could comprise our existence .The advance of Science and Technology .Politics . Economy . War . Our epochs of civilizations ,of social and mostly economical times are constant reminders of our universal survival as a species . Memories of our past are not eradicated by modern social thought. In fact ,are somehow modeled from it .What had change is change itself .Adaptation is another equation that extend the flow of change . Entertain for a second the results of our adaption to change . Our modern sense of living . Our epochs of social trials and survival are embed into our genetical codes .Our human existence . Memories from factual reactions from circumstance and cause are instilled into the irrationality of being to succumb into will and choice .Circumvented by nurture and culture . Our human existence programed by change to adapt and thrive after the fact .We are able to act upon circumstance , but we cannot ignore cause .. To act upon circumstance implies , signifies individual need , will , choice …..the intrinsic fabric of realities entwined its fibers through our modern cognition of or human existence.
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