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Social exponential thought
Daily and continual exposure to results of sociopolitical movements and directives we could assert regional actual situations .Every single region of societal living encompassed their own each individual of problematics .Government laws . Justice .Economy . Freedom .What encompass the paths of societal modern living accordingly to times proverbial . Alas, we must accept as a modern civilized conglomerations , that the sense of change the sole parameter imposed unto our fates . A behavioral parameter upon so called moral and values of a guidance . Fate...then, not so much as the latest ,for as an unpredictable factor occurring as the working of factuality . Let me go back into me own thought; that change is the sole parameter that had been imposed into our formation of civilization . Societies .A Phenomena evolved from the flux of times exponential to geopolitical thought .Modernity is an evolving consequence of human intellect . We humanized the reverberations of consequence after times evolving upon our civilizations .Modeled civility . Now . New conceptions of civility ,has given portal of thought into new views into morality . This is a result of exposure before our modernistic sociopolitical movements . I did not repeated directives. Each mind into itself but programmed to dwell into the collective .. This new civility is malleable . These new guidelines over morality are what the libertines need t imposed their thinking into our compass. If it's no broken , then why fix it . Perceiving these new trends of social thought as rules of engagement to understand and live accordingly it does sounds as imposing such trends upon a logic of being . Then this has been the case of cause after circumstance .To impose new trends of social thought and ….tolerance .We are not suppose to interfere the currents of social evolution . We are suppose to tolerate its course as it passes through us leaving scars of that long forgotten age of innocence some us lived .. We , the old class have to conform ourselves along the global paradigmatic global circumstance .. New political reviews upon societal progress ..New political expanded minds ruling government and parliaments. Scientifics and technological discoveries ruling over this future...movements and directives upon us all to conceive a harder reality as it due to keep evolving...
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