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Vision For a New Year
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Dear Me:

It is the start of another decade in my barn. It has been unseasonably warm, which is fine by me and my aging, yet still glistening, loins.

The first goal for me is to read and follow all the rules. I am already ahead of last year for this contest. Last year, I wrote, "Dear Hooves" and was rightly disqualified for not starting with "Dear Me." I read the rules and still did that. This year I started reading the rules before Day 1. So, this letter starts with "Dear Me." Hopefully, I will remember the word count and keep things lean and pithy. Fingers and hooves are crossed.

So, way to go, dear me. I am already ahead of last year. *Boxcheckr*

I find myself cautiously optimistic on the first day of the new decade.

Another thing to do is keep my goals reasonably attainable so I do not get discouraged. I have found that the I Write in whatever year it is, has been very helpful. So, I have signed up for "I Write in 2020, even though last year I ran out of steam half way through the year. I am a bit reluctant about "groups" but this one sticks to the intended purposes and goals so it's all positive for me.

My most enjoyable writing happens in my friend, Princess Megan Rose 's campfires. So, there you will find me reading her entries and writing happily most days that I am here. That involves expressing ourselves and is not geared toward any competition. It's just fun! *Heartv*

Finding my niche, I know I need to keep within my comfort zone. I enter contests where I feel comfortable. With "The Writer's Cramp, I have at least one opportunity a week to get inspired to write. That is in rounds where I do not judge or give the prompt, of course. The other contest I really enjoy is "Shadows and Light Poetry Contest. It is a monthly one that starts and ends around the middle of the month. With those two, I am fairly comfortable that I can get inspired to write once a week.

The other thing I found heartening this past year was taking action when I see something I do not care for, that could be hurtful to someone else. If I see it in a forum, I do it by posting all my random thoughts for a long string of posts. This effectively scrolls the offensive messages off the page. My hope is that no one will see what was written and be hurt by that. I will use this technique again if, and where, I see it is needed.

The other thing is dealing with frustration. I think that taking time out is a good thing. I will do it when I need to. If something comes up that is unpleasant and I know it in advance, I will take a vacation and come back refreshed. I will not participate where I don't feel welcome. That means not supporting what the herd might dictate is politically correct. I've never been one to go along when I see something that strikes me as mean-spirited. Discretion is the better form of valor in not spelling that out.

I am better off when I do not run with the herd mentality. Others might have a different experience. I respect that, but will not allow myself to be coerced or bullied. No incentive makes that worthwhile to me.

What I enjoy most will dictate my actions going forward. I enjoy having goals, but have had the carrot yanked away a few too many times. Writing has to be for its own sake and not for any prize. That is what I aim for and that is where I am bound. My chosen activities and sources of inspiration make for a relaxed environment geared toward expression.

My goals are modest, but within my reach. I know I can figure out ways to achieve and go forward if I just work hard and do my best to support the site in my own way and time.

Much love and kindness in the New Year is wished toward all.

The first week of the New Year was rough in the Newsfeed. To put it mildly, I was revolted and repulsed. So, a late-breaking resolution is to avoid the Newsfeed in 2020. I make an exception for staff/support posts and if I am tagged, but I will not just look at it anymore. I saw misuse and abuse in the form of panhandling, and anti-american (bordering on treason in my opinion) posts. That's quite enough, as I do not come here to be upset.

I hope the offenders will back off as the new year goes on, but I have blocked/ignored one and won't see any more of it anyway.



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