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a tale of two twins, 504 words
         Life would be so much simpler if people had superpowers, at least some of them, like the main character types. Rudy, my big brother, he’s a main character type, a real hero. I think he deserves a superpower. He is the smartest, kindest, most honorable teenager in existence. Not a common set of traits as my parents would argue. They call him their “perfect child.” He is into sports, school, and not incredibly teenage girls. He likes a girl named Matilda, Mattie. She is a Juliet type. Every guy wants to be her Romeo. She lives right next door, Rudy could see into her bedroom window if he left the shades open, but he doesn’t. He’s honorable remember. I remember the day, yesterday when he came home and reported that she had said yes to going to the prom with him. Apparently, Mattie had a thing for him.
          Rudy is twenty-five minutes older than I am, five inches taller, and doesn’t need the braces I do to walk. I can’t run worth a damn. But that is okay. I walk slowly but steadily. I have incredible ninja skills for someone who squeaks every third step when walking normally. If I walk just right… I am silent. But I didn’t need to be silent. I only had to take two steps across the room from the bottom bunk to open the shades. Mattie wasn’t in a compromising position, her clothes were on. She was sitting on her window seat. She waved at me. I wish I could think she had mistaken me for Rudy.
          Rudy hopped from the top bunk and drew the shades, “Dude! She could have been changing.”
          “Hope springs eternal...” I didn’t mean to reply, I reopened the shades and reached into to my pocket.
          “Dude!” Rudy took another step closer to the window and reached for the cord controlling the shades.
          The tableau was perfect. I removed my father’s antique revolver from my pocket and in a slow and deliberate way took aim at Mattie. My stance was perfect, I had googled it. Rudy froze. I don’t think he could comprehend what I was about to do. Mattie's perfect little mouth made a terrified "o" shape, finally recognizing what I held. Other than that she too seemed frozen. This was so easy. I pulled the trigger. Our window shattered, so did hers. The gun had a kick to it, but I was ready. Rudy and Mattie were not. I loved the sense of satisfaction when Mattie’s too-good-for-me face exploded and blood splattered all over her cliché pink bedroom.
          I heard my mother’s scream from our bedroom doorway, and the thud the laundry basket made when she dropped it. Rudy’s mouth flopped open and closed silently it was almost like he was a goldfish. I put the gun back in my pocket and squeaked my way back over to the bottom bunk. I laid down and placed my hands behind my head. I was more relaxed than I had been in months.
          Yeah, Rudy deserves a superpower, after all, he has me for a brother.
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