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The why and details about my disapp[earance from WDC for a very long time.
I didn't plan to walk the path of having to fight a major infection. I believe this infection was sneaking up on me without me being aware for a while until it hit me so hard, I almost had my head explode. Then things settled down a bit, so I didn't think it was a BIG deal. I grew up in a family that didn't run to the dr for the littlest reasons. A little while later I started having symptoms again which were slight in the beginning but increased almost on a daily bases.

Are you familiar with essential oils? Fortunately for me, I knew about these powerful oils. Daily I used them which helped. As the weeks passed, my symptoms increased until I one day started trying to decide if I should call 911, get a ride to the ER, or if I should go to the clinic in our small town.

I finally opted for the clinic. Let me tell you this was really bad. Thankfully I don't think about killing myself when things become overwhelming challenges. If I was of this mindset, I would have blown my brains out of my head.

stay tuned, I'm aging to continue this story.
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