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Written for Dear Me: Official WDC Contest January 2020
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Dear Me,

January 2020 has arrived and another Gregorian year has begun. January, the most difficult month of the entire year, has begun the same way it has begun for the last ten years. I think I am to the point of disliking January, but I will put that decision off until December 31, 2020. On a positive note, I do not have mice in the apartment this year. This, in itself, could indicate that January may end positively.

I have to review the goals for 2019 from memory, because I cannot find the document I used to record them. The only two goals I remember concerned the celebration of the Bicentenary of the Birth of the Bab. My goals for that were to write 200 poems dedicated to the Bab, and to attend the Las Vegas Bicentenary celebration. I attended the celebration, but I did not finish all the poems. I still have 5 poems to finish. I want to finish those by the January 31.

I am participating in "The Contest Challenge, "I Write in 2020. and "CLOSED - The Ultimate Poetry Challenge. So I need to enter two contest one or two contests and write a poem every week. I also want to review, at least, seven items each week. That gives me some concrete goals on writing.com. Offline I plan on attending devotional services at the Las Vegas Baha'i Center on the first Sunday of every month. Next are my financial goals, which is to make some extra money and avoid overdraft fees to my checking account. I will do surveys online and submit some poem and stories to online writing contest. I will focus on submitting one poem or story a month to online contest.

I could probably accomplish more than I have stated; however, I am bit leery of picking out more goals because I tend to overextend myself when making New Year's resolutions. I do not think I have done that this year, I may have made too few goals. I will review these goals in March to see how I am doing. If I find that I have no difficulty keeping these, I will add one or two more goals at that time.

To keep track of these goals I will rewrite "Weekly Goals for 2020, so that the goals I stated here are A Priorities. That item contains other writing projects that are B and C Priorities. Before this year, I did not those priorities, which could be one of my problems. This year I will begin to lable the priorities.

Yours Always,
Prosperous Snow

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