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Human uniqueness and social emancipation
There are always has been and will be an infinite of possible , factualized human societal scenarios .dimensions of lived and actual pulsating thoughts . Were human uniqueness and cultural emancipation will rise up ,hover around circumstances Nurture and culture making us think ,act , and react along the influence and reference of temporal societal behavior .Every single human would react differently from the other ,presented a given social situation . Emotion as ephemeral as it might sound does carry individualistic life experiences to react upon casualty meaning .Individualistic reactions to circumstances . Human behavior tends to follow instinctual genetical emotional codes . Then nurture will have an effect upon such unique of an experience or event .No matter how insignificant that experience will be ,it will be permeated by individual choice . Will . Our social human of behaviors might be modeled by culture but our behaviors are always synapses of volatile chemical reactions troubling our most individual of will .It is a we are just the Wild Jumping Carps of Illinois River. Instinctively jumping out from our lives agitated by the noise upon the surface of social realities . Perhaps it might be because our mind is made of incongruous meaning ,thus response . This inner response to eventuality ,can represent the psychological effect of being upon certainties . .This individual intrinsic thought that could overwhelm even logic and rational social existence .We see it and live it everyday . The history of our human experiences had been driven by genetical synaptic emotion upon cause and circumstance . We just act and react . Nurtured and cultured . The main factor that drive our sociopathology is the living times as we prolong our individual conveniences . Human thought creates human social life as the times imposes unto our experience the purposes to prolong communal existence .

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