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by Sumojo
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She needs to explain why she’s wearing no clothes
“Come on Brian! Quickly, we need to get in the car.”
“Mummy, I’m scared, I can’t see the way out!”
“Hold my hand sweetheart, we need to hurry,”

“Ow! My bum! I should have brought a towel to sit on.”

“Mummy you’re going really fast, slow down I don’t like it when you speed.”
“Oh thank God, a cop car!”
“Look Mummy, there’s a policeman behind us, he’s got his blue light flashing.”
“Yes Brian, I can hear the siren, thanks for letting me know.. Hello Officer is there a problem?”
“Step out of the car. Oh….”
“I can explain”
“I could charge you for indecent exposure Madam, and in front of a minor too.”
“I’m waiting, it had better be good.”
“I needed to leave our house in a hurry.”
“Well, obviously. And?”
“I’m feeling very vulnerable Officer sitting here at the side of the road naked, would you have a blanket I could borrow, or maybe your jacket?”
“Just give me an explanation and you can be on your way. After I’ve given you the speeding ticket that is.”
“Well, it’s like this. I was taking a shower and smelled smoke. I then discovered young Brian here, had been playing with matches and set fire to the house, I didn’t have time get into my bedroom, the fire was racing up the stairs. We only just managed to get out alive. I need to get to a phone to call the fire brigade.”

“ Wow! Look Mummy two fire engines!”
“Someone must have called them! Sorry Officer I’ve gotta go!”
“Here, put this on, I’ll give you an escort home. What’s the address?”

Words 275

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2209343