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by shawnJ
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how it feels to be short. next story will be about my first love or my best friend
People think its fun to make fun of the short person, the guy who can't get on rides, the guy who gets to know a cute girl and she looks at him with such disgust. It's not fun being short, the amount of times I think what if I was tall how would. Would it be easier, could I get the girls I always wanted? Maybe I could have been a Pro NBA player but I'm not tall I'm 5'0. It sucks when my friends make jokes about my height it make more and more down about my height , so I just go with it I make jokes about myself too but I don't like it. I say if you can't laugh at yourself then your not happy in life but there are thing some people don't like to talk about, I had a girl break up with me cause of my height no matter how much she said she loved me she said that was it she could not be with someone who is shorter then her and it hurts even today I can't really put myself out because of my height. But I learned how to live with it and I have to because I have to love myself.
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