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The core embellishment for success is within you
In a full circle, all of your relationships begin with your primary connection to the divine source. That source comes from within you, your divine inner being. The relationship with yourself and within the relationship with yourself is how you believe in your abilities, your courage to push forward in your endeavours and your inner self advances you to realise and begin self-growth, and this all relates to how your relationships with others around you will be.

Your relationship with yourself is the core relationship that establishes your purpose for existing in this life and makes up all of the connections you make in this world. The outcome of those relationships all starts with the connection of your inner being, which is the divine source within you.

Mostly too much control over yourself goes against the grain of the divine intervention. As the waters flow, as the world turns, as time shifts, as the cycles of life walks its course, so should we " go with the flow" and trust in the process of our way forward and self-discovery. Everything is about balance. When you are balanced but still in motion and aware, your decisions and choices are made. Although, if you make no choice, they are made for you.

Sometimes "going with the flow" is what is needed. When you make a choice and begin taking action in that direction, and it doesn't come to a conclusion you hoped for, it isn't a matter that it didn't work and you were not doing things right. You made the decision, you put it into action, you see it through, and then it was hindered. Do not beat yourself up, do not think you did something wrong, have faith in our universal energy that it wasn't meant to be and move forward taking small steps allowing the intervention to show itself. It will show itself, it always does. Always. There is no such thing as an end because an 'end' is still a beginning and an end is renewal and regrowth and new lessons, experience, and it is change and change is medicine for our soul, its a healer as is movement.

When you begin to trust and accept and allow the situation in your life to unfold instead of resisting it. You realise that acceptance is not about giving up; it's about releasing control of the outcome and allowing the Universe to take over and show you a better way. However, the Universe isn't going to do all the actual materialisation for you. You have to do that, and you still have to be actively keeping yourself aware of what is being shown to you, around you that is related to your goal. Your inner guidance is linked to the infinite creator within you. If you listen to it, you will live a much calmer life with trust in the Universe and your thoughts materialising into your reality with an outcome that is always the best outcome for you If you believe in yourself.

Within the essence of the self, cooperating is about letting go and trusting in the divine creator in YOU. Not a deity. Letting go is an act of freedom in which you are allowing the Universal energy around you to re-arrange itself to bring you the resources you need to help you in your quest/goal. So if you trust you will see, there is always a solution available to you by cooperating with the flow of the Universe. You're opening yourself up to unimaginable possibilities and ultimately giving yourself the freedom to find something else or allow something else better to find you.

By doing this, you are cooperating with your inner being and by doing that you are opening up a channel to assisting with your physical self. Take steps towards loving yourself, accepting yourself and forgiving yourself. Those three journeys are hard to overcome and master, but if you tell yourself in your thoughts, "Its ok I didn't manage that this time, next time I will try a different way. I'll try harder because it is worth the outcome" which becomes a lifelong reward in all that you approach throughout your daily, monthly, yearly lifetime.

When you love yourself and accept yourself for who you are, you accept all the parts of you that you cannot change. By doing this, you are nurturing your body, your mind and your spirit. You are the best human in you that you can be and in your heart, you will feel deserving and belonging as well as in your body you will begin to have a deep knowing that you are worthy and enough for your experiences in your life.

You will begin to know that you are doing the best you can with the knowledge you have in any situation and you will not beat yourself up when it hasn't gone to plan because you'll know it was meant to be that way, even in your efforts. You begin to let go a little and "go with the flow" and trust in the universe to present you with the better route to take. When you fully accept yourself as a human who is learning and striving to find the right way for you, you will begin to forgive your failures, and that will help you forgive others, and this will lead to gaining more freedom within yourself, with less emotional burdens.

Allow yourself to move on from the past and evolve from within. For forgiving others can trigger healing of unresolved issues inside of you. Still, most importantly, true forgiveness towards yourself and others occurs when you accept the past has already happened, and it cannot be changed. And this is when you are genuinely cooperating with yourself. Acting from this state of freedom allows you to find the key to harmony from within.
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