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The vocalization of our intellects
What conceived the efficiency of human expression ,formative communication were the needs of our prehistoric hominids to follow predators so they scavenge over the remains of the preys . Signals , grunts , assimilation of hunting techniques from other instinctual animal species . Roam the surroundings after their kills, and then ,scavenge .like carrion just for food . Our communications skills were and still are the primordial definitions that separate us from the rest the animal kingdom . Even though we do share an universal DNA with them ( A head, two auricular orifices. a nose ,two set of eyes ,limbs ) our developmental phonetics transformed and advance us to communicate upon our primeval gatherings . The environment made first hominids to make signals and sounds to compelled us into taking shelter , securing us from it as from the bigger predators . By assimilating sounds of the surroundings, vocalization of the fauna we started to gurgle those grunts out into the making of vocalizations....expanding vocals chords . ( in the interim , after witnessing the charred corpses charred by fire from heat of the sun upon the plains and charcoals from thunder storms upon the vegetations ,fire was not created by us , we prolonged it by igniting our furs while striking flints to make weapons to hunt) The anatomical dispensation of our anatomical unique of larynxes . The extension of our human intellect to create basic skill of communication came at the expense of survival and shared experiences upon the groups . That might conforms the basic nature of primal social gatherings and human relations. Human Thought . Dispersing ideas of how to survive into nature and its environments . The movements of those first groups created distance from other groups by will and intention to expanse our survival instinct . Approaching new ventures with this provided methods of the formative communication . We are the eventual consequence . ..we humans will talk forever . no matter any impediment ,we could and can and will communicate with among each other for ever . From the origins of our social gatherings into this future of dismembered logic . We need to talk about this...
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