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New players enter the scene to challenge the fledgeling arrangement.
Illustration Credit: AliceKuroCross on DeviantArt. This one is from Chapter 30.

Chapter Song: Talking Body - Tove Lo

Chapter 31: High Notes

Once back at the condo, the Kaibas dismissed the bodyguards for a break and settled in for a Monsters of the Duel match, this time utilizing Mokuba's spacious round bed for comfort. They sang along with the loading screen and dove into battle. Joan took advantage of the still-overpowered Kuriboh, and the brothers carried their team to victory.

They lay back on the bed laughing at the enemy team's stupidity and, before Joan could figure out how it started, the brothers were fondling and kissing her. Seto lifted her T-shirt while Mokuba unzipped her cargo pants. Before long, all their clothes lay scattered around the circumference of the bed as the men teased the circumference of her nipples.

Joan paused to dig condoms out of her purse. She slipped one on Mokuba and was about to do the same to Seto when he stopped her. "I'll watch first." A little smirk tugged at the corner of his mouth. "I have to make sure Mokuba is doing it right."

Mokuba's amethyst eyes met Seto's iolite ones. They held mirth but also respect. Mokuba didn't understand how, but Joan had done this. She'd released Seto's inhibitions and brought them closer together than they had ever been.

Seto placed his hand between Joan's breasts and gently pushed her onto her back. He dipped two fingers into her slick entrance and watched her squirm for a moment before turning back to Mokuba. "She's ready. Now let's see you enter her without holding your dick."

Joan knew Seto had presented Mokuba with a difficult challenge but not an impossible one. She hoped that Mokuba wouldn't get performance anxiety like some men she knew but rather would rise to the challenge. She spread her legs high and wide, giving him an easy target.

Mokuba took a good look before he dove in, aiming to the best of his ability. He missed but stayed close, probing with his tip until he managed to slip inside her. Joan gave a concupiscent moan as the contact commenced.

Seto's eyebrows skyrocketed. "You pull off that stunt and you expect her to believe you were a virgin yesterday?"

Mokuba shrugged. "I'm a Kaiba. What did you expect?"

"Right answer." Seto leaned over Joan and kissed her, massaging her breasts and tugging on her nipples while Mokuba fucked her. Seto paused from time to time to dip his own dick into her mouth. He monitored his arousal level and kept it in check, making sure not to unleash his white lightning too soon.

"I could get used to this," Joan said when her mouth was free.

"Oh really now?" Seto guided Joan's ankles to Mokuba's shoulders. "You'll get deeper this way," he instructed. Joan and Mokuba's moans grew deeper too.

"Oh God!" Joan cried.

Seto twisted Joan's nipple. "You're fucking us and all you can think about is your mother's imaginary friend?"

"Not that god." Joan pulled Seto's face down for another kiss, relishing the way Mokuba's thrusts reverberated through her entire body, rocking her jaw against Seto's. She needed him to understand what this meant to her, why she used that word in the first place. She broke the kiss and grabbed his cock, stroking it along with his ego. "You are my gods."

"Whore!" Seto's white lightning painted her stomach. Joan hadn't merely stroked Seto's ego; she had flat-out electrocuted it.

Mokuba found himself laughing and filling the condom at the same time. Even Seto, for all his posturing, could lose control over his manhood. Mokuba pulled out and collapsed beside Joan, running fingers over her hair. "Did you come?"

Joan pulled Mokuba closer. "No, but I still had an amazing time."

"That's not good enough." Seto's finger traced a heart into the semen on her belly. He longed to slip it inside her again but knew she would catch on to his dirty trick if he tried it so openly. "Mokuba, get her g-spot."

"How?" Mokuba asked.

"It's simple. Reach in to the second knuckle and push the button," Seto replied.

Mokuba did as Seto instructed and quickly found Joan putty in his hands. She writhed and bucked her hips while Seto held her in place. Mokuba paid attention to how every stroke affected her, adjusting the force and curvature of his fingers until he consistently hit her high notes. She trembled and squirted, bringing a triumphant grin to both brothers' faces. They basked in the afterglow for several minutes before cleaning up and heading out to dinner.

Author's Note: For the hardcore Yu-Gi-Oh! fans out there, this is what you've all been waiting for!

For the non-Yu-Gi-Oh! fans out there, please bear with me. Duel Monsters is a children's card game that Kaiba Corporation made more exciting by creating holographic projections of the monsters. However, the point of playing is not so much the game itself but how the game facilitates the characters working out their differences.

Also, there's this chick named Kisara from the anime. She and Seto Kaiba were more-or-less an item in his past life in Ancient Egypt, but Kisara never appeared in the present day. This has caused countless fans to write stories of a reincarnated version of Kisara. This next chapter may upset a few such fans.

Chapter 32: DUEL

After dinner, the Kaibas returned to the Hyatt. A barrage of camera flashes and video cameras greeted them as they stepped out of the limo. Roland's first thought went to Rebecca Hawkins, but instead of a blond cyber geek with half-moon glasses, the white woman blocking their path had limp, bleached hair. It trailed over her shoulders and down to her waist. Her thin wrist sported a bulky red, white and blue plastic duel disk. An ice-blue evening gown graced her delicate form and matched her eyes . . . or were those colored contact lenses?

"Seto Kaiba!" the strange woman hollered.

The bodyguards stood poised, fingers twitching to draw weapons but waiting for clear signs of danger.

"What the fuck?" Seto said.

"I am Kayla, the human incarnate of your Blue-Eyes White Dragon."

Seto let loose an incredulous laugh. "If you're going to cosplay, at least have the decency to put on some wings."

"This isn't a cosplay, Seto. I'm your soulmate," Kayla persisted.

"If you want a good fuck, get in line. My cock is spoken for tonight."

"No, Seto. That whore has corrupted you. I'm here to show you what real love is all about."

"Corrupted? Please. I've fucked countless whores. This one," Seto waved a hand at Joan, "happens to have a brain. You think I have time for a gold-digging bimbo like you?"

Kayla didn't let the sting of his words show. "Since I know the great Seto Kaiba never backs down from a challenge, I challenge you to a duel! If I win, you agree to never see that whore again."

Seto glanced back at Joan. Mokuba's arms encircled her protectively as she silently surveyed the events unfolding. Seto faced Kayla again. "Surely you don't mean the future Mrs. Kaiba?"

The crowd gasped.

"I'm the future Mrs. Kaiba," Kayla fumed, "and what is that whore even wearing? She looks like a fucking lumberjack."

"We just took a hike," Mokuba said, "and that's what you need to do right now."

"Don't tell me the great Seto Kaiba is backing down from a challenge," Kayla taunted.

"It's pointless for me to duel a bratty, self-entitled fangirl like you, but since you brought an audience, I'll make an exception just this once. Let's duel!" Seto raised his hand before his face and bowed his head. He clenched his fist, and his implanted duel disk activated. "And when I defeat you, you'll serve as an example to anyone who would dare challenge the Kaiba family." Seto swept his arm to the side and lifted his head. "Here's the deal. If you win, you have one chance to impress me in bed. If I win, you have nothing that I want anyway, so staking any more than that on this duel is absurd."

Mokuba and Joan breathed a sigh of relief. Seto could be reckless, but he knew better than to risk everything against no reward.

Kayla considered her options. Agreeing to this would render her a slut on live TV, no better than Joan, but she couldn't simply throw away this chance. "No sex. A real date – just you and me."

"Whatever," Seto smirked, "not that winning is a possibility for you anyway."

"Let's duel!" Kayla shouted. Her physical duel disk activated, and a virtual coin flip determined that Seto would go first.

Seto's deck, safe in a vault in Japan, uploaded digitally to his duel disk. 4000 life points appeared in the air beside each duelist.

Kayla spoke as they drew their first hands. "This duel is to teach you what you should have figured out by now. The heart of the cards will guide me to victory because I am the reincarnation of Kisara, your long-lost love from four thousand years ago. When your life points reach zero, you'll understand that I did this for your own good, because destiny brought us together."

"I didn't realize Yugi's geek squad blabbed about their shared hallucination to troglodytes like you. Spare me the diatribe."

"That was no hallucination, Seto. You saw everything for yourself, and the memory of Kisara's loss was so painful that you drowned your sorrow in empty sex."

"I'm getting bored. I draw!" Seto declared. He stared down at a hand full of two and three-star monsters. All of his best cards were missing. He blinked and shook his head. Same crappy hand. "I haven't had these cards in my deck since Mokuba was in diapers."

Mokuba's grip tightened around Joan, initially disturbed by the jab but more disturbed by what it entailed once he processed Seto's predicament.

Kayla fidgeted with her cards. "No excuses! Make your move or surrender!"

"Roland, I smell a rat. Contact that cyber geek back in Domino and have her get to the bottom of this." Stalling for time, Seto set the strongest card in his hand in facedown defense position. "I set one monster facedown and end my turn."

Roland already had his phone out. He'd managed to charge it on his break but hadn't gone through his messages until now. Rebecca hadn't merely refused to hack Facebook but had left Kaiba Corporation's main office building in Japan fuming, declaring that she would teach Seto Kaiba a lesson he'd never forget. She must have contacted a fangirl in America and set this whole thing up. Given the widespread chatter on various social media platforms, it must have been a walk in the park for her. "Sir, Miss Hawkins cannot be reached. I believe this is her doing."

Seto's eyes went wide in shock. "What?"

"No excuses! I designed my deck specifically to bring you to your knees. Well, at least one knee," Kayla giggled. "I summon Strength of Prophecy in attack mode!" A woman clad in red surrounded by talismans and runes appeared on the battlefield displaying 1500 attack points. She wielded a huge ax with an animalistic face on its poll. "She'll knock your socks off."

"Socks? Unless you have a foot fetish, that's not where you'll find the real prize," Seto taunted. "You know why I fell in love with my whore? She doesn't beat around the bush like you gold diggers. She knows what she wants and doesn't hesitate to seize the opportunity when granted. You, on the other hand, spout this 'no sex' nonsense."

"Sex with someone who is already taken is a corrupt, disgusting act. That whore has poisoned your mind, and I'll prove it. I activate the magic card Stop Defense! This forces your monster into attack mode." Seto's facedown monster flipped into attack position, revealing a green fiend with no mouth bound by chains around its neck and all four limbs. A measly 600 attack points displayed beside the Dark Prisoner. "I'm here to set you free, Seto. Strength of Prophecy, attack!"

Seto cringed as Dark Prisoner shattered and his life points dropped to 3100. "Do you want to know what else I love about my whore? She accepts me for who I am and doesn't try to make me into someone I'm not. You think you can waltz in here, play me with a deck that isn't even mine, and expect to call it a fair fight? What a joke."

"You tell her, Seto!" Mokuba's fist pumped the air.

Joan wanted to add her two cents as well, but with so many eyes, so many cameras, she simply shuddered. It took all her strength to keep her eyes on Seto. Joan felt her phone buzz and pulled it out of her pocket. Michael. Just found out. Hang tight. Linda is driving me over. I'm watching you on my phone right now. Joan breathed a sigh of relief as she read the message. She thumbed back a short thanks.

Kayla busted out another monologue. "This isn't an ordinary duel, Seto. In this duel, we draw our cards from our hearts, not our decks. Your heart drew that card, Seto. It is a reflection of your decay. You need to see that before you can break free of the curse that whore has cast upon you. Your move."

Chapter 33: Uncle

Seto had to think fast. He dragged out his own monologue to stall for time. "You think I'm that gullible? You're wrong. My heart has never been more alive. My whore has shown me the good, the beauty in this world. Today, we went to the redwoods. I wasn't expecting to be moved by mere trees, but being there with her showed me how small we humans are in the grand scheme of things. It doesn't matter how we met. It doesn't matter if she's been with only me or a thousand other men. She's reminded me what's worth fighting for and what isn't. I draw!" Seto drew his next card and stared into the ghoulish face of another weak fiend.

"You're fooling yourself, Seto," came Kayla's response. "How many draws will it take before you see that?"

"If I'm a fool, you're an outright imbecile. Do you want to know what else I love about my future wife? She's honest." Seto felt a pang of guilt at the dirty trick he tried to pull on Joan. He couldn't tell her about that, not ever, but he promised himself he'd never try to get her pregnant without her consent again. "She would never stoop to your level to get something she knows she can never have. Besides, she already has one husband, not to mention a boyfriend, and because of that, she doesn't need to go around begging for scraps of affection like a lost kitten."

Kayla's face went red, but it barely showed through her makeup. "If you don't make your move in the next thirty seconds, you'll be disqualified!"

At least she spoke a few words of truth. A timer had popped up on the battlefield displaying the seconds counting down. "I set a monster facedown and end my turn," Seto relented.

Kayla's attention turned to a commotion in the crowd. "Move aside, move aside! Boyfriend coming through," came an authoritative feminine voice. Slowly the people parted and Laura stepped through, followed by her husband Marc.

"Welcome to the party, Mr. and Mrs. Aurelio," Seto said.

"We grabbed a Lyft as soon as we heard," Marc replied. He'd gotten a heads up from his cosplayer friend, who'd been approached by an incognito avatar of Rebecca Hawkins as a candidate to fill the position in which Kayla now stood. He and Laura had seen the entire broadcast thus far.

Laura went immediately to Joan and hugged her. She lowered her voice, "I'm impressed with how you turned Seto around. I don't know how you managed to do it, but we're here to back you up." Laura released Joan and went to stand beside Tamara.

Marc came up to Joan and brushed her cheek with his thumb, then kissed her. The warmth of it relaxed her trembling body. "I know this is hard for you, but hang in there. Seto's going to lose and have to date that harpy, but I'll make time for you so you won't have to go through it alone."

"And I'll let him take time off work if he needs it," Mokuba added.

"Thanks guys. That means a lot to me." Joan settled between Marc and Mokuba, the fingers on her T-shirt now properly pointed at two of her favorite men.

"Disgusting," Kayla scoffed.

"Look who's talking," Seto said.

"One man and one woman. Adam and Eve. That's how human beings were created to love. Anything else is debauchery. I now summon Justice of Prophecy and equip it with the spell card Spellbook of Power!"

A woman draped in green holding a set of scales and a dagger appeared on the field. Her original attack points of 1600 rose to 2600 as Spellbook of Power's effect activated.

"You're even more of a twit than I initially took you for," Seto remarked. "Adam and Eve is a useless fable that implies the entire human race spawned from the incestuous union of their offspring. Explain to me again how Cain and Abel got pregnant?"

"That's not the point. The point is that Adam and Eve were loyal to each other," Kayla declared.

"You don't have to be monogamous to be loyal. My whore doesn't back down when someone is important to her. Even when that someone isn't me, I respect that because I trust her."

"Silence! I now attack your facedown monster with Strength of Prophecy!"

The red woman swung her ax through the facedown card. It cleaved in two and briefly revealed Ryu-Kishin, a red fiend with a horn on its head and a malevolent toothy grin.

Kayla paused and watched as another commotion rippled through the crowd. "Out of the way! That's my wife!" Michael showed up trailed closely by a Latina woman with light brown skin and black hair containing a few strands of gray. She wore jeans with a fringed blouse and held the hand of a wide-eyed 9-year-old boy. Given her proximity to the wage monkey, Seto presumed the woman was Linda.

"Wurzel, how nice of you to join us," Seto said.

"Yeah yeah, I'm not here for you, rich boy," Michael replied. Neither Marc nor Mokuba budged, so Michael walked behind Joan and wrapped his arms around her waist. He kissed her cheek and rested his chin on her shoulder. "Woman doing OK?"

"Yeah, woman good," Joan replied.

"I can't believe it's really Seto Kaiba," the kid blurted. "Are you really going to be my uncle?"

Seto raised an eyebrow at the kid. "That depends. Are you my brother's art director's girlfriend's husband's girlfriend's offspring?"

"I'm Nathaniel!"

Seto caught Linda nodding. "Then call me Uncle Seto."

Nathaniel let out a yip of delight.

"No more of this imprudence!" Kayla yelled. "I attack your life points directly with Justice of Prophecy!"

The green woman surged forward and stabbed Seto with her holographic dagger.

Seto staggered back, clutching his chest and wailing as if in pain as his life points dropped to 500. He panted, staring at the ground.

"I end my turn," Kayla smirked.

No! He can't let that deluded fangirl own him, Joan thought. Bolstered by her other three partners, Joan found the courage to speak. "Seto, no matter the outcome of this duel, I love you."

Seto's eyes rose to meet hers. He saw the passion, the fire he'd felt their first time together. He saw the anger, the frustration of the second. He saw the forbearance, the sympathy of the third. He saw the surprise and excitement from when Marc entered the picture. He saw her outright joy the moment she bounded out of Mokuba's bedroom. He saw possibilities branching into the future. "Mrs. Kaiba, I won't fail you."

Seto closed his eyes as he drew, and then opened one to peek at the card. Megamorph. At least that scheming cyber geek Rebecca had left him with one good card. Fat lot of good it would do him on these monsters, though.

Kayla's sharp voice cut into his thought process. "Face it, Seto. That whore is the one failing you. You've paid her to act this way towards you, but it isn't real. The fact that your heart can't summon Blue-Eyes White Dragon right now proves it. Come with me, and my spirit will lead you to victory in every duel."

"Now you've asked for it. You want to see what happens when my heart summons a monster?" Several years ago, Seto had experimented with neural implants. He'd streamlined most of his wetware and rarely used it anymore because of the headaches it caused, but his neural interface still resided in his brain. If Kayla and Rebecca were going to play dirty, he might as well take it up a notch. "The other thing I haven't yet mentioned about my whore is that, above all else, she pushes me to strive beyond my limits." Seto concentrated on his dragon. Its powerful talons. Its massive wingspan. Then a thought came to him. Why settle for one when he could have three? Like the redwood trees, like his new family, they would be stronger in numbers. "I summon Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon!"

A whirlwind appeared before Seto as a gigantic dragon with three heads materialized. Camera flashes glinted off its iolite scales. 4500 attack points displayed beside the massive monster.

A collective gasp preceded absolute silence.

"Hey! You didn't draw that card. You didn't even sacrifice, let alone fuse, any monsters to summon it. That's cheating!" Kayla shouted.

"What constitutes cheating depends on the rules of the game, and I don't date cheaters. When it comes to love, we write our own rules. Kaiba Corp duel disks, on the other hand, come with a user agreement that you apparently failed to read. Since you've already cheated with the help of your hacker friend, there's no point in dragging on this sham. I equip Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon with Megamorph, and since my life points are lower than yours, that means its attack points double."

The holographic 4500 scrolled up to 9000 attack points.

"Enjoy my white lightning, because this is all you're ever going to get. Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, white lightning attack!"

Kayla screamed as the dragon's blast hit her Strength of Prophecy and wiped out all 4000 of her life points in one fell swoop. She dropped to her knees, defeated.

Joan and Mokuba sprang forth to hug Seto. Seto grabbed Joan's face and sucked on her lips as camera flashes zapped their eyelids. Joan didn't care that the world was watching anymore. In fact, she hoped that the backstabbing bitches from her internship were watching. Let them see how little she cared about their belittling, condescending remarks. She and Michael had lasted through the years despite their attempts at sabotage, and now she had everything she ever dreamed of.

Joan took her time kissing Mokuba next, letting a fresh round of flashes capture every angle imaginable. While Seto gave a victory speech and told Kayla to get out of his sight before he decided to file a restraining order, Joan headed back to Marc and Michael. A few cameras followed Joan, but most remained trained on Seto. Mokuba stayed with Seto as well, ready to save face in case Seto went off the deep end with his threats toward Kayla.

Michael wrapped Joan in a bear hug and kissed her.

"You know how to handle your men," Marc said, blown away by the spectacle his bosses had allowed. "They're actually going to pay you for the wife experience?"

"Yep," Michael answered. "They also have baby rabies."

"No kidding?" Marc saw a serious expression on Michael's face and absolute glee on Joan's. "Are you going to let them carry out that part of the fantasy?"

Joan and Michael filled Marc in on the details until Linda reminded Michael that she'd already pushed Nathaniel's bedtime back far enough. Nathaniel whined that he wanted to at least get Seto Kaiba's autograph, so Linda dug a scrap of paper out of her purse and Joan got Seto to sign it with a little note to his future nephew. Joan thanked Marc and Michael again for showing up before they headed off with their other women.

Chapter Song: "On My Honor" by Cindy Dasch, or maybe the author is unknown. I read something that said Cindy Dasch is merely the person who wrote it down, and it has been sung by Girl Scouts for far longer. I'm claiming fair use on two lines of lyrics. Actually, who knows what the original lyrics are. They're a little different everywhere you look.

Rare Grammar Fact: If you're writing a monologue that needs to be broken into paragraphs, open new paragraphs with a quotation mark but leave off the closing quotation mark until the speaker is finished speaking.

Chapter 34: On My Honor

Once back in the suite, Seto strode to the nearest bed and collapsed there, not bothering to disrobe. Joan took off his boots while Mokuba climbed onto the bed, peering over him in concern. "Big bro, are you all right?"

"Yeah, just haven't done that in a while," Seto admitted.

Joan joined them on the bed. "How did you do that anyway?"

"We experimented with neural interface technology a while back," Mokuba explained. "It was awesome at first, but then Seto's headaches kept getting worse, so we cut the program. We kept some of the wetware in place just in case we had another run-in with some creepy mage or something."

"Hm." Joan snuggled up to Seto, her head on his chest and arm around his waist. She wanted to know more but remembered Laura's warning about that Shadow Realm stuff and decided not to ask.

Mokuba continued the story without prompting, recounting Seto's obsession with defeating an ancient pharaoh in a duel and the havoc that ensued from tampering with magical artifacts. Seto grunted in occasional corrections to Mokuba's narrative but otherwise let him explain everything about their adventures in the past. However, instead of talking about the Shadow Realm and Millennium Items like Joan expected, Mokuba focused on an artifact called the Quantum Cube. Apparently, the Kaiba brothers had been through far more encounters with magic than Mokuba could cover in one evening. Somewhere in the middle of the story, Seto drifted off to sleep.

Not quite tired yet, Mokuba and Joan got up quietly and headed to the living room couch. Mokuba finished his tale of the Quantum Cube with an arm around her and spent a few moments in poignant silence before saying, "It's weird, but this hotel kinda feels like home now."

"That's not so weird. Home is wherever the people you love are. Even a university lecture hall can be home if someone you love is there," Joan replied.

"I guess you're right. It's not just that, though. I feel like I've lived more in the past week than I have in the past three years."

"We can find more meaning in a campfire's glow than we ever learned in a year or so."


"It's from an old Girl Scout song."

"Sing it," Mokuba requested.

Joan pulled up some lyrics to "On My Honor" on her phone and sang it for Mokuba. By the end of the song, he was shaking to hold in tears.

"What is it?" Joan asked softly.

"I never had that kind of stuff in my childhood. It's been Seto and me against the world for as long as I can remember."

Joan held Mokuba tight. She'd been expecting this from him at some point but somehow still didn't know what to say. By comparison, her childhood had been a fairy tale. Sure she'd never actually owned a pony, but she'd ridden horses a few times at camp and there were so many other things she'd gotten to experience with various groups of friends. Mokuba, on the other hand, had probably maintained professional distance from people after his run-ins with creeps wielding magical artifacts. Joan had never had cause to fear others until adulthood when she'd overheard her coworkers talking behind her back. Perhaps she should start there. "You're not the only ones against the world anymore."

"How so?"

She stroked his hair as she spoke, as if he were the one reliving her traumatic memory. "I found out about polyamory when I was nineteen, and at twenty, I had a summer internship with a big publishing house. I'd recently met Michael and a few other guys through a dating site, and some of the guys I worked with were really hot, so I was getting around.

"It wasn't the guys I was actually dating that I had to worry about, though. It was the guys I didn't date . . . and the girls. The girls were even worse. The guys just peed in my coffee mug and put tapioca pudding in my cycling shoes, but I heard the girls talking poison. I told my boss, but she didn't care. So I started drinking less coffee and taking my mug with me on the few bathroom breaks I took, because I always had to check over everything when I got back to my chair, especially the chair itself, for sharp objects.

"My office sweethearts chickened out and stopped dating me, but I still had Michael through it all. I lasted through the end of the summer, but it wasn't easy. I had no friends in the office, nobody until the very last day when I had a one-time fling with my boss's boss."

"Was he taking advantage of you?" Mokuba asked.

"No no," Joan grinned. "I told him upfront that I was interested. He was the hottest man in the building and on top of that, he was also a Michael."

"You really have a thing for M names, don't you?"

Joan giggled. "Not really. It's more of a coincidence."

Mokuba thought for a moment. "The other workers, though. Do you want to pursue legal action against them?"

"If only I could go back in time to collect evidence, but I have no fingerprints, no recordings, nothing. Even if I'd thought to record that stuff about the poison I overheard, they'd already stolen my phone and pretended to be me and told Michael that I was breaking up with him. We sorted that out quickly once I told Michael they stole my phone, but it still sucked."

"I can only imagine," Mokuba said.

"Yeah, but it brought us closer in the end. Michael said it helped him get in touch with his feelings, you know, like how Seto reacted after that shit with Pegasus. My point though is that the next time you and Seto go head-to-head against the world and you need backup, you've got me, and I've got Michael and Marc, so in a sense you have them too. It's a whole network, actually."

"You mean like how Nathaniel is suddenly our nephew?"


"That's pretty cool."

"My friends are your friends. Your friends are my friends," Joan sang to the tune of "This Land is Your Land."

Joan and Mokuba both burst into giggles.

"This is amazing. I've never met someone who just sings whenever like we're in a musical or something."

"Then you need to meet my friends from university. André writes songs, so there's music in their house every day. They live on Wendy Street, so they call their place Neverland."

"Aw man! I hope Seto doesn't start calling them the nerd herd or something when he finds out. I mean, he seems like he's gotten over a lot of his inhibitions where you're concerned, but I wouldn't push my luck with other people."

"All right. Just you for now then. Friday night we stay at Neverland and then Saturday we'll go to the Blooming Planet Festival."

"OK," Mokuba grinned, "if you'll come to the charity ball Thursday night."

"Charity ball?" Joan asked.

"It's kind-of an after party for the Summit. Most people fly home Friday, so they scheduled the ball on Thursday."

"Sounds good, as long as I get to dance with both of you."

"Don't you mean all three of us? I set Marc and Laura up with tickets already."

Joan squealed with excitement and pawed at Mokuba's KC belt. "Get inside me now!"

"Whoa, can we at least get to a bed first?"

Joan sprang up and towed Mokuba into the vacant bedroom. She stripped off her bottoms and grabbed a condom from her purse but didn't bother with her top. Mokuba dropped his jeans, and Joan stroked him to stiffness while he pulled his shirt off. She pushed him backwards onto the bed, slipped the condom on, and mounted him. Only then did she bother removing her shirt and bra. Her breasts bounced freely as she rode him into the night.

Author's Note: This chapter has been approved by my husband. I like to call him Male or Man. He likes to call me Woman or Female. Sometimes Male talks about himself in third person and it is really cute. What you're about to read is based on how we actually interact at home. Of course, Michael isn't Male's real name, but I've dated three Michaels and had sex with four people who share my husband's first name, so that's why I use Michael. Brother-in-law's name has also been changed.

Chapter song: "Drop 'Em Out" by Wheeler Walker Jr.

Chapter 35: We Need to Talk

Joan woke to Seto stroking her hair as she lay ensconced in Mokuba's arms. "Whore," he said softly.


"Get dressed. You're going to be late."

IUD removal, right, Joan thought. She pried Mokuba's arms off herself. "Do I have time for a shower?"

"Make it quick."

Joan rinsed off, brushed her teeth, and put on a clean dress. Tamara showed up with breakfast burritos for the ride, and Seto kissed Joan before the women headed down to the limo.

Finally alone with her charge, Tamara fished for a way to break the ice. "So . . . what do we need to pack for Japan?"

Joan swallowed a mouthful of burrito before speaking. "The usual, I guess. It's not like we'll be backpacking through the countryside or anything out there. We'll probably want power adapters. Make sure our phones are all set up to work out there. Roland is probably on top of that already."

"True. He put in a rush order for my passport and said he'd get the rest of the paperwork in order too. It's almost creepy how fast these rich boys make things move."

"Tell me about it. I once had to wait two months to see a doctor, and here they just throw who knows how much money at one and boom!"

"Are you nervous?"

"Always. Show me someone who isn't."

"I don't know. Those Kaiba boys seem to have their shit together."

"It's an act, even for them. I'm not going to spill their secrets, but they have issues just like you and me."

"So that's your secret to handling the big bad CEOs, huh? You see them as flawed from the start, so they don't scare you."

"More or less. As long as I'm not facing twenty of them at once, it's all good."

With that, Joan and Tamara began building a friendship. They talked about their upbringing and childhood aspirations as well as some of the road bumps and twists they encountered along the way. Tamara discovered that Joan had also been a Girl Scout, and they began swapping some of their old favorite songs.

As expected, Joan's IUD removal procedure hurt, but otherwise it went smoothly. She said goodbye to Tamara at the doorstep of her apartment and headed inside.

Joan found her muscular, tattooed husband in the bedroom wearing nothing but shorts and relaxing in his usual way: glued to his computer screen and chatting on his headset. "Hello, Male."

"Hello, Woman," Michael returned.

Joan rested her chin on Michael's bald head and peered at the screen. She recognized her brother-in-law's username. "Hi Jake! Change your mind yet?"

"Jake says no," Michael relayed.

"Figures. Hey, you guys ever play Monsters of the Duel?"

"Jake says it's not his kind of game," Michael relayed. He didn't bother adding his own opinion, too lost in a mountain of trolls.

Joan gnawed on Michael's head while she watched him play.

"Hey Jake, wanna come over and handle this pesky woman for me? I think it wants something."

Joan turned and emptied the dirty clothes from her backpack into a plastic laundry basket, then tossed in the clothes she was wearing for good measure. She plopped onto the bed. "I'm ready for my semen now!"

Michael got to a stopping point in his game and set his headset aside. "Boobs!" He grabbed a handful of miniature silicone breasts that Joan had given him for Christmas. He threw them at her one-by-one, and she threw them back until most of them lay scattered on the floor or lost in the bed.

Joan bared her teeth in a playful snarl and hauled him into bed by the elastic waistband of his shorts. He collapsed on top of her and pretended to snore until Joan pinched and tickled him out of it. He pinched and tickled her back as they tumbled and Joan wrestled his shorts off.

Michael growled and got back on top, pinning her shoulders to the bed as he entered her and crushed his lips against hers. He pounded eight inches of solid cock against her cervix while she squealed and writhed.

On the edge of climax but not quite there, Michael pulled out and flipped Joan into doggie position. He gripped her hips for leverage as he slid her over his cock, modulating the pace until it felt just right. Hot sperm surged into her vagina and began swimming to her deepest recesses.

"Aaaand you're pregnant," Michael declared as he disengaged.

"Possible but unlikely. It's day 23 of my cycle," Joan said.

"Damn. I should have saved that jizz for Linda," Michael teased. He grabbed a paper towel and stuck it between Joan's labia to catch the dripout.

Joan rolled into a sitting position and wiped with the extra paper towels he tossed beside her. "You trying already?"

"No. I figured we should actually talk to you about it first. I don't trust the rich boys to do your talking for you."

"After last night, I trust them."

Michael lay beside her and encircled her in his arms. "That was impressive, but I'm still not a hundred percent convinced. It will take time to prove that you're not just their new toy."

"They did actually pay off my student loans, you know."

"That's still mere pocket change to them."

"So four months? That will be enough to convince you?"

"Maybe. If they impregnated you now and did a DNA test to make sure it was theirs, they'd probably pay child support, but at the same time they might abandon you or worse, take the kid to be raised in Japan and never let you see it again. These guys can do whatever the fuck they want, and that's scary. I don't want you getting hurt over them."

Joan took a deep breath and tried to imagine the scenarios Michael described. "We're already past the point where I could walk away from this unscathed."

"Shit." Michael let this roll around in his head for a moment. "Hey, what happened to the other Michael?"

"He bailed."

Michael's grip tightened.

"Don't worry about it," Joan said, "I knew he was on his way out anyway."

"Yeah, I never expected him to last, but what makes you think the rich boys will be any different?"

"A lot of little things. Mokuba texting you. Seto inviting Marc in for a threesome like it was nothing. We're not dealing with 'Disney children' like the guys I worked with."

"Fucking wusses," Michael grumbled, recalling how Joan's office sweethearts had turned their backs on her.

Joan sighed, regretting bringing up old ghosts. She needed to change the subject fast. "How about you and Linda, though? What makes her want another kid all of a sudden?"

"It's not that sudden, actually. She's been agonizing over it since she turned thirty-nine."

Michael elaborated on Linda's reasons until they grew hungry. They went to the kitchen and scraped together a meal while they continued to lay out plans for the future. Michael refused to bank on a continuous stream of cash from the Kaibas, and with the student loans cleared, they could start saving. Joan agreed it was a reasonable precaution.

A text from Linda interrupted their long-overdue conversation: I'm coming over. We need to talk.

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