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slipping on ice
cancel lunch
dead car battery
sleeping Labrador

The Smart Thing

Should have known the day wouldn't be nice
not unless you like slipping on ice
the whipping wind still whines and blows
the miserable treat of newly named thundersnow

To cancel lunch would have been the smart thing
if smart things were the songs we chose to sing
Overstayed at the redundantly named Food Restaurant Factory
led to a waiting, soon costing dead car battery

It would be so nice to be toasty at home
Our sleeping Labrador knew better than to roam
on a day that was made to sleep in
Best not to get dressed and begin

a day so destined to be miserable trouble
should have remained inside Labrador's bubble
Dogs, and even cows, are so much smarter, you see
They know always home or inside a barn is the best place to be

Pull the covers up, go back to sleep
Make excuses, our safety to keep
or go out in the miserable weather
canines and bovines would surely know better

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