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Upon this Earth, I have been to its corners.
All day long you are on your feet.
Your beautiful skin is soft and neat.
I want you at ease, I want you to breathe
Losing you, I cannot conceive.

Your loving soul is a fire in the Glens.
Your beautiful feet are heaven sent.
I love you so much and your tender touch.
To know you're in pain, is way too much.

Upon this Earth I have been to its corners.
Travelled the world, seen every founder.
I realise it's you, I know it is true.
That no other woman comes through like you do.

Your beautiful way is higher than sky.
Why I hurt you, I'll never know why.
Believe in me and believe in fate.
I won't stop caring, it's never too late.

Your beautiful mind is a gift from above.
I realise now you're all that I love.
Tending to you and only you.
It is my goal and my aim, I love you true.

Never you fear, for I have learnt.
I'll forever cover you and heal your hurt.
I love you so much and always will.
For eternity my dear, my love is real.
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