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A humble attempt to bring out the blessings,Awakening this morning..Oneness in all
This morning dear mother sends me these angels of healing;

One after the other she took me in her lap

Lovely it was your voice still rings in my heart and soul

The reassurance that comes back to life is a wonder

I believe this is healing and the power of it all

Your silence means a thousand words they say

But I say your few words makes the heart heal

How did I forget my lil champ who just did that

Silent yet meant more than thousand words

Cuddled himself in to me yet detached enough

For me to not get entangled as always

With these two wonderful creations she posed to me

she who resides at the heart's deep core

Uncoils and awakens with a thud of contentment

And all the parts are there together doing whatever

She wants them to do

Oh you is only a start you know

The real healing is when you are around them

In pure nature amidst the divine cold and cool wind

They are all there still standing erect

And I see those magnanimous trees a shed their leaves

I wonder how they feel just like me

But they say they don't give up and they still await in patience

Perseverance at the top but with utmost gratitude sincerity and humble by all means were they

To the soul of the soil holding them firmly to the fading moon light

Aah yes now I know they were waiting for those golden and orange hues

The rays of sunshine keeping them just as warm

But showing his equanimity with the winter world

All the way through I see 2 silent spectators around

The blue sky who is still and calm plus the water element

That's keeping everyone stay sane

Oh how I feel so much in gratitude to the soil the trees the sun the moon and life in this forest all of them holding me ensemble

They are rejuvenating and so am I

She is whispering coming forward from the core of my bosom and says to me

All is well and all has been well so true like the nature you see around and in you

Beautiful it stays wonderfully you live with this sense of oneness in all
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