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a mess of epic proportions.
My first mistake was to ask, “Who made this mess?” My second mistake was waiting for the answer.

"Mom, we were trying to make something for you..." Torrence stated, batting her eyes at me.

"In my cloning lab?" I surveyed the damage, bottles of reagents, nutrients, and genetic precursors were spilled everywhere.

"Yeah, you're always saying you could use more help," Natasha said with a smile.

"They are nearly ready!" Torrence squealed with childish glee.

My face blanched, "They?"

The main cloning reactor released its finishing ping. They were eight, they couldn't actually have made something live could they?"

Natasha ran to the delivery hatch, through which the new lifeforms entered the world. She swung it open and a wet, furry lump of flesh tumbled out. After a few moments, it shook off and stood. It was five feet tall, with a medium-length coat, low hanging ears, a wet nose, and opposable thumbs. It was some kind of half-human half-canine monstrosity.

"Mama!" It howled.

My jaw dropped. I revise my first statement, my first mistake was leaving off the security code on my lab.
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