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Rated: E · Short Story · Melodrama · #2210924
Love is happiness but also gave us Pain.
Forever Love and Pain

This is the story of a princess of thieves and a suspense musician. There was a small tribe in the middle of the mountains. Which was known as the clan of thieves? The head of that clan had a daughter. Who was the princess of that clan and the next head to be. The princess was very beautiful. The beauty of the princess was spread far and wide and this princess takes advantage of this beauty and loots the people. The princess was very beautiful. The discussion of the beauty of the princess spread far and wide and the princess used her beauty to rob people. The kings of all the states were troubled by this clan of thieves. One day the chief's detective came and told him that a lot of precious royal treasures would be taken from one state to another tomorrow. The head of the clan summons the best of the clan thieves to rob that treasure. The princess overhears and tells her father, the head of the clan, that she will also go to rob the treasure. Princess's father refuses to let her go and says there is a lot of danger in this. But the princess stuck to her stubbornness. The princess said that she would definitely go to prove her ability and to prove that she deserved to be the head of this clan. The princess's father agreed. The princess's father gave her permission to leave. The next day the princess along with the four best thieves of the clan left the clan to rob that treasure. It took the princess and her fellow thieves two days to reach that treasure. The princess and her fellow thieves begin chasing that treasure cart. The princess saw the treasure cart and told her fellow thieves that it would surely have a very valuable item, so to protect it, send so many soldiers together. The princess and her fellow thieves wait for the soldiers to get tired (when all the soldiers get tired, they will stop and set up their camp to spend the night and then the princess and her fellow thieves will steal that treasure as soon as they get the chance.) When all the soldiers were tired, they decided to stay. Some soldiers started to set up camp, some soldiers took care of the food and the other soldiers stood near the treasure cart. It was dark, the princess and her fellow thieves saw that half of the soldiers were asleep, but the soldiers guarding the treasure car were awake. The princess and her fellow thieves use a wonderful herb whose smoke makes the person fall asleep deeply. Then the princess and fellow thieves took the treasure cart and fled from there. The princess and her fellow thieves begin to take that treasure back to their clan. The princess and her fellow thieves were overjoyed and everyone started saying that we would all celebrate by reaching back the clan. When the princess and her fellow thieves approached close to the mountains, the princess came to the question that what is inside this cart? The princess ordered everyone to stop there and said that I have to see what is inside it? When the princess opened the door of the cart, everyone was shocked. Inside that cart, a very handsome boy sits in white clothes and is accompanied by a Guzheng. (Guzheng is a Chinese plucked zither, a Chinese musical instrument.) Everyone got confused after seeing that boy in the cart and started thinking what is this, we have been cheated. And the princess was just looking at the boy. The princess fell in love with the boy at first sight. The four thieves decided that this is definitely a spy sent by the king, it should be killed. The musician started pleading that I'm just a musician, don't kill me. I was sent by the king to entertain his friend on his birthday. Pity me and let me go. But the thieves did not listen to him and he was about to die that the princess stopped him. The princess said that when he is saying that he is not a detective, then why don't you all agree? The thieves said, princess, do not come in his words, he is lying. He is a detective. The princess said to the musician, if you are telling the truth, then show us by playing Guzheng and entertain us. The musician played a very sweet tune which everyone was very entertained upon hearing and the princess was lost in that tune. But the thieves told the princess that if we let him go from here, he will tell everyone the way to reach our clan and our whole clan will be in danger. The princess decided that the musician would stay with me from now on and entertain me. But the thieves explained to the princess that your father would not agree to keep a stranger in the clan. This is dangerous. We don't know anything about him, how can we trust him? The princess said that you do not teach me how to persuade my father. But the musician started saying that please let me go. But the princess neither listened to her fellow thieves nor listened to that musician. The princess forced the musician into her clan. Seeing a stranger with the princess, the princess's father asked her who is he and where is the treasure? Before the princess told him something, the thieves started speaking to save the princess and told the chief that there was no treasure and we were cheated. The thieves told the chief the whole thing and the situation. The chief angrily said to the princess, "how you brought anyone like this into the clan. In this way you will become the head of this clan. Not even once did you think about protecting our clan." The princess left crying and locked herself in her room. The chief ordered the thieves to keep the musician in jail and asked them to keep a close eye on the musician. The princess's father came to the princess and said, "daughter, open the door. I want to talk to you." The princess opens the door and sits with her father. His father explains to her that, "daughter you are the next head of this clan. You must first think about the safety of your clan." The princess never hides anything from her father. The princess told her father about her feelings and said, "Father, I don't know what happened at that time, for a moment I was lost in his eyes, I've met a lot of boys, but for the first time seeing a boy, my heart got out of my control. For the first time I heard my heart and not my mind." The princess's father said to the princess, "It means you like that musician. Daughter, I never stopped you for anything but I don't like that musician. That musician is in the middle of so many thieves, he knows His life is in danger, yet I do not see fear in his eyes even for a moment. That musician is hiding something." The princess told her father that, "I know father, whatever you are saying, you must be saying for some reason, but will you give me a chance once, I want to try once to make a place for myself in his heart Of. I am sure that I will win him over with my love." The princess's father agrees to her, gives the princess a month's time and says that, "if you could not convince him to become a member of our clan in a month, then you know what I would do with him." The princess accepted her father's condition. The princess went straight to the prison and freed the musician from there and said, "You will be in my house from now on. I will take care of you from now on." The musician asked the princess, "Why are you doing all this. Here everyone considers me a detective and wants to kill me, then why are you trying to save me. What do you want from me?" The princess told the musician that, "I like you, I don't know, but at first glance I liked you and I want to marry you." The musician said to the princess, "Are you mad, you don't even know me and have started liking me. And how can I get married if I don't love you?" The princess told the musician, "So what am I saying that we will get married now. First we get to know each other and then will think of marriage." The princess left the musician up to her room and said that, "this next room is mine, if you need anything, you can tell me. And you haven't eaten anything since yesterday, and then I bring you something to eat." The princess brings food for the musician, but the musician refuses to eat. But still the princess puts the food in his room and says, "If you don't want to eat with me, then I leave here but please eat it." The Princess leaves the Musician's room, but the Musician doesn't eat. The princess brings food again the next morning and sees that the Musician hasn't eaten yesterday's food; the princess explains to the musician that if you don't eat, you will fall ill. So please eat it. But the musician didn't listen to the princess. But the princess did not give up. The princess kept trying her best to win the heart of the musician. The musician thought that if I wanted to get out of here, I would have to stay close to the princess and I would run away as soon as I got a chance. The musician began to obey everything about the princess. Just to win the trust of the princess. The musician tried to find a chance that he could run away from this clan but the princess did not leave him alone. The princess did not let the musician go anywhere alone. The princess would do everything that would make the musician happy. The princess used to stay with him all the time to protect the musician as everyone else in the clan considered the musician to be a spy. The Musician had been in this clan for four days and during these four days the princess did not leave the Musician alone even for a moment. And now the musician also began to like the princess. Laughing at the childishness of the princess, the musician began to like. The princess dances at the musician's music, and the musician starts to like it. As the princess and the musician grow closer, the princess's father decides to marry them. But the musician refused to accept this decision. The princess asked the musician, why don't you want to marry me? Don't you like me? The musician was very angry and angrily said to the princess; "there is a difference between liking and love. And I do not love you, why don't you understand this? You and I are completely different, you are a princess of thieves and I am a musician. We can never be the same. Leave your stubbornness and let me go. By the way, it is not your fault, you have been taught this, that whatever you like, take it away and make it your own. What do you know besides this?" After listening to such things of the musician, the princess felt very bad and the princess started crying. The princess, crying, ordered everyone to let the musician go. No one will stop the musician from going and if someone tries to stop, he will have to face me. The princess's father explained to the princess that don't get emotional and decide. The princess said, "Father, I can tolerate everything, but if someone says something wrong about you, I cannot tolerate it. If the musician wants to go, then let go. And I promise this in front of everyone here if any danger comes to our clan because of the musician, then I will take the life of the musician myself." When the princess spoke, the musician looked at the princess. He saw pain in the princess's eyes. The princess turned her back on seeing the musician with the same eyes. The princess turned her back to the musician and said, "Go away from here." The Musician went from the clan and reached the forest. The musician kept thinking about the princess all the way. The princess's aching eyes were bothering him. The musician was so lost in his thinking that he forgot which side he was going to go and lost the way. The musician could not understand which way he would go now. The musician got tired and sat down under a tree and started asking himself, "Why I am thinking about the princess? I should be happy that I left that clan. Then why am I thinking about the princess?" At this point, the musician heard a voice coming from behind the bushes and a wild lion came out of the bushes. The musician was scared to see the lion. The lion rushed towards the Musician and the Musician fled from there in fear. The lion started chasing the musician. And then the princess came there and stood in front of the lion. The musician looked at the princess and asked, "What you were doing here." The princess looked at the musician and smiled and said what did you think that I will leave you alone in this dangerous forest. At this point, the lion leaped over the princess. The musician shouted to the princess and said, "Princess!" The lion jumped over the princess or the princess's sword fell from the princess's hand and fell down. The princess started fighting the lion and the princess came out of her back a dagger and attacked the lion. But the princess did not kill the lion. The princess left the lion alive and let go. But the princess suffered an injury while fighting the lion. The Musician asked the Princess, "Why you did this. Why did you risk your life to save me? If something happens to you." The princess smiled and said to the musician that even if I lost my life while saving you, I would not be sorry but I was glad that my life was of some use to you. The musician told the princess of panic that, "Princess you are absolutely mad. You are hurt I take you back to your clan." The princess said to the musician, no, I will go back to my clan myself, you will go back to your kingdom, everyone will be troubled for you and the princess told the musician to come out of the forest. But the musician refused to return. And said, "From now on I will never leave you alone." The princess became very happy on hearing this. The musician placed one hand of the princess on his shoulder and supported the princess in walking. The princess smiled and looked at the musician. The Musician reached the clan carrying the princess. And started calling the clan's people for help. The princess's father came out after hearing the musician's voice and saw that his daughter is in a wounded condition with the musician. The princess's father asked Servants to take the princess to her room. The Musician handed the Princess over to the Servants and began to step backwards. But the princess held the musician's hand. And started saying that the musician will stay with me. The Musician also showed courage and took the princess towards her room. The princess had a unique happiness on her face. The princess was injured but still she was smiling. The musician laid the princess on her bed and called the doctor. The doctor asked everyone to leave the princess's room. The musician started going, the princess suddenly grabbed the musician's hand and said, "You are not going!" The musician grabbed the princess's hand and said, "Yes, I am not going, I am out of your room when the doctor will rub your wounds, then I will come in after that." The musician left the room after saying so. The female nurse closed the door as soon as everyone went out of the room. As soon as the door was closed, the princess's father took out the sword and placed it on the neck of the musician and said which new trick is this now? The musician looked into the eyes of the princess's father and said that this is not a trick; I have also fallen in love with the princess. The princess's father said angrily to the musician, suddenly you fell in love with my daughter. With this trick you can win the trust of my daughter but you cannot fool me. The musician said if you do not believe, then of course you can kill me with your sword, but the truth is that I love the princess too. I did not know when I fell in love with the princess, but I was hesitant to adopt this truth. At this point, the door of the princess's room opens and the nurse comes out and says that the princess has had a bandage, now the princess is fine. The nurse tells the princess's father that the princess has invited you and the musician inside. Princess's father and musician go inside the room. Both ask the princess about her condition. The princess says that I'm all right. The princess's father tells the musician in front of the princess that if anything happens to my daughter, I would have given you a very painful death. The princess told her father that father should not say so. There is no fault of the musician in this. The musician did not even know that I was following him. The princess's father asked the princess what daughter you want now. The princess said I want you to give permission to the musician to stay in our clan. The princess's father said that I would only allow the musician to stay in our clan on one condition. The Musician will have to marry you and become a member of our clan. The princess told the musician, what are you doing, musician? You only said that how can you get married when you don't love me? The musician looked into the princess's eyes and said, "I am not marrying you under any pressure. I am marrying you because I love you too and always want to be with you." The princess smiled. And the princess's father said, "Now it is done, two days later you and the musician will get married." The musician tells the princess's father that I want to introduce the princess to my parents before a wedding. If you give permission. The princess told her father, Father, I also want to meet my in-laws. The princess's father agrees and says, but together some of your servants will also go to protect you. The princess refuses and says father I can protect myself. I am your daughter, no one can touch me. Don't you worry. The princess's father hugs the princess and says I know my daughter. Now you relax. Princess says, can the musician stay here with me, father? The princess's father said yes. The Musician sat near the Princess's head and turned his hand on the Princess's head and said, "Princess, now you sleep for a while, you need rest." The princess told the musician that I am very happy today. The next day, the musician and the princess were ready to leave, when the princess's father told the musician that I am handing over my daughter to you. The princess is injured; it is your responsibility to take care of it now. The Musician nodded yes. The princess and the musician then leave the clan. After a long journey of three days, the Musician and Princess arrived at the Musician's home town. The people of the town were very surprised to see the musician because the musician has returned to the town after twenty days. For twenty days, the musician had no idea. Seeing a beautiful girl with a musician, the people of the town started asking questions to the musician that this beautiful girl is an angle and where you had been for so many days. The musician said to everyone, I will meet you all later but first I have to meet my parents. Please give all of us a place to go. The Musician reached his home with the princess. The musician grabbed the princess's hand and entered the house. And gave a voice to his parents. Hearing the musician's voice, the musician's mother came running and hugged the musician with a weeping cry. The Musician's father also arrived. The Musician's parents asked the Musician where he had been for twenty days. Seeing a beautiful girl with a musician, the musician's father asked the musician who is this girl. The musician wiped his mother's tears and said, "Mom, I'm all right, stop crying." See whom I have brought to introduce you. The parents of the musician then ask who this beautiful girl is. The musician tells his parents that this is your daughter-in-law. Is it beautiful? The parents of the musician are shocked to hear this. Then the father of the musician says that both of you have come from a long journey, take rest first and we talk on this subject later. The princess realizes that the Musician's parents are not happy to hear this. The musician grabs the hand of the princess and takes the princess to their room and says that till now you were taking care of me, now it's my turn. The princess says to the musician, your parents are not happy to see me. The Musician tells the princess doesn't worry, my parents will soon accept you. I'm with you. The musician hugs the princess and then the mother of the musician comes there by taking food for the princess. Seeing his mother, the musician leaves the princess and the princess is ashamed. Seeing the musician and princess like this, the musician's mother laughs and says I come later. The musician stops his mother and says I was just going away from here, mother, take care of the princess, I have to meet my father. The Musician meets his father and his father starts questioning him about the princess, but the Musician does not tell the truth of the princess, just says that he loves the princess. For the first time in the eyes of the Musician, his father had seen so much love for the girl, so the Musician's father accepts the princess. The Musician gladly hugs his father and says that the princess will be very happy to hear this. Then the musician gives a letter to his father and says that he should go and give it to the king. The Musician's mother asks the princess questions about her. The princess then remembers that the musician forbade her from telling anyone that she was the princess of the clan of thieves. Then the musician comes there and answers his mother's questions. And tells the princess and her mother that the father said yes to our marriage. The princess is happy to hear this. The next day, the Musician and Princess leave the town to return to the clan. And as soon as both of them go, they take the letter given by the musician to the palace and hand it to the king. The princess and the musician arrive back in the clan, seeing the happiness on the face of the princess, the princess's father also becomes happy and the princess's father trusts the musician.
Love is a Feeling that never END.

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