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by Evan
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The universal sense of being
Here we go..as I am listening and feeling close social realities around my persona ,life could never become so easy to understand . Life ,all around us id a definitive repetitions of actions modeled from individuality upon given trends ,epochs...times .All what some us do see is around are our reactions from already exposed societal trends of modern thought mingling with the turmoil of our social common of livings . Societal cultures ,vested ,benefited by our own most scrutinized human evolution . This modern of worlds and societies are driving us just to adjust to the common named singular and eternal of human composed equations . Change . Adaptation . Recognition of who we are into this distinct reality were diluted facts are recreations of modeled behaviors coloring the universal entwined fabric of existence . We move along as the times imposed trends of modernity upon our self beings. Then ,here is the catch ; the majority of social beings does not give a thought of the sense of that push from eventuality . We just ride along with the times and its upheavals .Surprising ourselves how do we still in general get along with societal living . Go figure .The conscious social being do realize modern life .Some does not give damn, as long as they can manufacture their most individualistic ways to remain afloat above the tides of times. Human adaptation . Normalcy it is an imbedded trend that we humans tend to follow unconsciously . Living trends do creates and recreates the social evolution . We Think...then we become . The universal motion of thought is driven by just us , societal beings . That singular pulse. That synapse is what just take to discern factuality .The sense of being is a pulse. The original one is human thought that drives to command action upon cause and circumstance .. we do emotionalized our livings . We internalized our times among as or awareness of being . That accumulation of individuals thoughts are grouped with the commonality . That commonality disperse ideals of societal shared living .What we become after many , oh , uncountable digressions from our own survivals is the sole sense of being and survival upon the times. That is what formed the sense of community . Civilization . Comparative knowledge . Always feeling the sense of being upon times proverbial .
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