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A Giantess Story About The Incredibles. Giantess: Helen, Violet.
“Mark, this might be the stupidest idea you’ve ever had.” George said to his friend, knowing just how stupid it was, and more importantly how stupid he was for going along with it.

“Come on, it’s not that bad. We won’t even be seen.”

“Yeah, that could be a bad thing.” Emily said raising a good point. “Getting stepped on like a bug.”

“Well, be more careful. And I say the good is better than the bad.” Mark said, sitting in his car outside of the Parr household. Smiling at his friends, as he knows what he is going to do.

It started a few years back, when he found out he was a Super. Of course kept it quiet, and didn’t mention it. Only showing his powers to his friends, George who has had his back since they were kids, and Emily who’s goth style has taken a liking to the two idiots.

What was his power, well the power to shrink. Not very useful in most cases, but Mark has found it’s pretty good, for spying. Still he did not abuse it, and rarely used it.

He just turned sixteen, got his car and is feeling kind of horny. So when he saw a woman, that for every purpose is a MILF, he could not.

Helen Parr, the mother of Violet Parr. He saw her dropping her daughter off at school, and he fell in love. So convincing his friends, he has formulated a plan.

To shrink down, and hopefully, see some things from her. Why did he brings his friends?

Well, George falls over at every cute girl, so Mark thought he would have a good time with giant Violet, as for Emily. Well not really sure, but she was a part of it!.

A car pulled out, as the three kept their head down, seeing a buff man driving, a blonde kid in the back, next to his toddler brother. Once they were out Mark smiled.

“Well, seems as good a sign as any!” Mark said getting out and standing. “Okay, gather around!”

“You are too excited for this.” Emily said as he rolled his eyes.

“Trust me, you two didn’t see her. She was like... the perfect woman. I have to do this!”

“getting a little obsessed buddy.” George said as he rolled his eyes. He gathered every around and Mark started.

His body lit up, a blue aura over him, which quickly enveloped both Emily and George as well. All of them going down.

He’s done this before with the two, so they knew what was happening. They shrunk down to child’s height, then a baby’s height, then a doll’s height and even more. When Mark stopped it, they were all one inch tall, the perfect size for sneaking.

They all took their times, looking at the surrounding while Mark had his eyes on the giant house. “Come on! Let’s go!” he shouted, beckoning them over as he walks across the parkway, walking up to the house as the two followed.

Given their height, it was quite the journey to the house, and the sun was going down. Still in no time. they were under the door looking up.

“No way we can open that.” Emily commented, as she did raise a good point. The god sized door would stop most, but not Mark.

Moving around, he got onto his stomach and wiggled under the door. Given the size, he was able to do this.

“Can’t believe we are doing this.” George replied, following Mark under the door. Emily smirked as she followed the two, and it was official.

They were in.

Walking forward a bit, they marvelled at how big the house really was, it was something else like a whole different world.

Mark of course led the charge, having the most reason to be there. He kept walking in, a smile on his face as he kept his eyes up. “Hehe, hopefully this family doesn’t have any cats. Let me tell you, those are always a problem.” He said walking over the carpet. Given their size, it is easy to trip down through the carpet, but with lost of practice he did not have much problems. Emily and George struggled, but he made sure to go slow for them.

“Hey Mark, can I ask you something?” George questioned, still marvelling at the size. “What will we do, if they aren’t home.”

Suddenly a loud step was heard, one that boomed the world for the three tinies.

“Oh, they are home.” Mark said, satisfied. They all waited, as the booms got louder and louder, meaning the giantess was getting closer and closer. Eventually they came into view in the hallway, and it was ungodly the sight.

With a pink skirt and a pink top, her black raven like hair straight down with a hairband holding it down. A beautiful face, no shoes on and a size that let the three marvel.

It was the daughter, Violet Parr. All three of them have seen her at school, but never at this size. Even Mark, who was more interested in the mother had to admit that she was quite the sight. She was on her phone, and of course didn’t spot the three specks as she walked out of sight.

“T-That was Violet?” George said, amazed at what he saw. Emily being left speechless while Mark was quick.

“Still think this was a stupid idea. Come on! Closer we get, the funner it will be!” He started moving, the other two following as they got closer and closer. Going into the same room that Violet did. The goddess seemingly relaxing on the couch, still texting to her friends. Everything was massive in this living room, as Mark walked in with no fear.

“Come on! She’s on her phone, let’s get close!” He said, walking up with them following. Violet wasn’t even paying attention to the three specks that were getting closer to her. Why would she.

As they got even more close, her body became larger and larger, and George kept falling for her. Guess there is something to this size thing, cause she looks something else.

Mark walked up close to her foot, while George was a bit more hesitant. “Maybe this is a bit close, I mean one shift and we are all stains under her foot.” He whispered, not wanting this girl to hear the conversation by the feet.

“Yeah but you gotta admit, would be a nice way to go.” Mark laughed, walking right up. Getting close to the foot and putting his hand on her toe. “Plus, we are so small, she won’t feel our touches unless we want her too. We are pretty good, so come on let’s have some fun!”

“Fun? What fun came we have with a foot?” George questioned, much rather being with other parts of her body.

Mark was about to answer, but Emily comes in. She’s been transfixed since this point, and he was about to figure out why. Emily walked right up to the toe, and with no shame, just passion launched herself into the giant big toe.

Making out with it in a fit of passion, one that shocked her two friends.

“Woah! Where did that come from!?” George said, as he then covered his mouth, checking up to see if Violet heard. Thankfully she didn’t.

“Hehe, well now I know why you wanted to be part of this.” He laughed, taking a couple of steps back, have fun.

“I will,” She replied simply, kissing the toe even more. Mark let her have her fun, but he was gonna have his as well. Moving around and jumping on the foot. He climbed his way up, and made sure that he would not have her fun.

He climbed right up and walked to the pinkie, sitting down and resting.

“Come on! Stop being a wet blanket George.” He laughed, as George listened, climbing on the foot, and sitting on the toe of Violet.

“Well, if you ignore the danger and weirdness, this is pretty cool.”

“Right,” Mark smiled. “And you haven’t even seen the mother yet.”

“You really got a thing for her, don’t you?”

“You will understand, once you see her.” He replied simply, as he watches Emily jump right up, kissing the toe from above.

“Never knew she was into feet,” Mark said. “Guess that’s why she tagged along.”

“Don’t get it though. If you wanna kiss a giant girl’s body, wouldn’t the up above be better?” George questioned, as Mark simply shrugged. He waited for a long while, until he realised something, there was more steps.

“Here, that... I think it’s the mother!” He said excitedly, very excited. He heard the booms before George, and sooner or later he heard it as well. Both of them looking at the door, as the mother comes in.

With brown medium length hair, a white shirt that barely contained her breasts, as well as black legging from her hips to her feet. She was the one, and Mark was in love.

“Look at her, she really is something isn’t she?” Mark said in a trance.

“Well why don’t you go down there to her.” He said pointing to the floor, resting on the toe.

“Okay, clearly this is your first time. Look what she’s doing,” Mark said as George looked, the giant sexy mother, was plugging in a vacuum cleaner. “If I go down there, I will be sucked up. So i’m gonna rest up here until then.”

“Well, guess you’ve done this a lot. Gross dude.” George said as Mark rolled his eyes.

“Please, if you had the choice y-” He got cut off, as Violet shifted her foot. “Ahhh!” He screamed, not ready for it, falling in between the toes to the ground, hitting the carpet hard. George and Emily were ready as they grabbed.

Mark fell down in between the stink toes as he looked up. “Man that hurt.”

“You okay?” George said down to him on the girl’s feet.

“Yeah, just gotta-”

“Violet sweetie, can you lift your feet!” A booming voice said, one that got the three to cover their ears.

“Sure mom!” Violet boomed as she did just that, shifting her feet up and away from Mark. Emily and George gripping for their dear lives as Violet shifted her feet up into the air, hanging it high above as the two boys were freaking out. George being so high up, Mark losing his safety. Admittedly, Emily just went back to humping the feet.

Mark panicked for a long while, as he suddenly heard a loud noise, much louder than the voices. “Come on! Really!” he replied, not happy about it as he saw the giant mother position the vacuum. Worst of all, she was pulling it right to him.

With a panic, he ran away, wanting to escape as he tried to get away. The vacuum pulling him back, almost making him fall back as it was not something he really liked. He could barely get away, and he was sad.

For George, he was watching the vacuum getting closer to his friend, but he could not really do anything at this size! Anything but prey he will be okay.”
He went right down, dropping to the bottom and under the carpet, knowing he can’t outrun but hopefully survive. He felt the vacuum go over him, as he was like in a hurricane, everything getting sucked in, but unlike Mark they were not grabbing on for life.

He was screaming right now, not like they would hear. George watching with fear.

“Mom!” Violet shouted loudly, getting the woman to look. “I’m going to my room!”

She got up and got moving, heading away as George and Emily were gripping the feet.

She moved up to her room, as they were hoping that he will be fine.

And amazingly, Mark was fine, very fine. When the vacuum went over, he got right up and looked at her feet, knowing he was going to have to stick there.

He moved over and jumped on her toe, gripping onto it as he had to make sure he would not die. She walked around, and gripped the toe even more as she vacuumed.


Violet just got to her room, moving over and not noticing the two toys gripping her feet. She wasn’t paying any attention as she moved, but George was. He was gripping for his life, while Emily was... planning something else.

“See you later George!” She said from the other toe, letting go and dropping off. She dropped off and went moving. She went moving around as she let go of the foot. Being left confused, George couldn’t dwell on her leaving, cause he had to make sure he would not drop.

As it turns out though, he was gonna be in a better spot. As she lifted her foot onto her bed. Dropping it down as she relaxed right now. On her phone, George let go of the foot as he dropped onto the bed. He dropped down and looked at her giant laying body, admittedly getting some dirty thoughts about the situation. She didn’t spot him, so he needed to move. He moved around and checked over the edge, having no sight, of Emily leaving him confused.


As Mark waited on the foot, he got bored. So he started to see what he could do, eventually finding it as he saw under her tight black leggings. Moving around and going to get inside. He knew what he wanted and he was about to do it.

Climbing up her foot as she vacuums, he gets as high as he could, moving more and more until he was under. Right against her shin he loved how flawless this woman’s legs are and, well how flawless this woman was in general. He wasted no time, moving up and climbing up her leg, scaling the black legging as he got higher and higher. This was gonna take a while, but the result will be amazing.


Emily ditched the group, why? Well simple, she saw the girl’s giant sneaker. She ran through the giant carpet of Violet’s room, getting to the edge and lifting herself up. She grabbed the sneaker and pulled herself up, seeing the giant cave that was her worn down sneaker. Taking a big whiff and sniffing her foot stench, something she loved.

She moved around and dropped to the bottom, falling down inside as she looked over the place.

She was so tempted, to make this place her home. Now she has to just wait for the girl to wear them, no matter how long.


George didn’t know what to do. This giant girl near him, on her phone and not paying attention. He knows what he wants, and he knows what he should do, but he could just not bringing himself to go there.

Luckily for him, Violet was about to bring them to him. She saw something on her phone, that got her to jump up onto her knees.

“I-I can’t believe it!” She said very happy, which George thought good for her. Seeing the giant colossal girl happy, it got even better for him, well not at first.

She brought her body down, but she was not going to lay on her back like she did before, instead she was going to lay on her stomach.

George gave out a scream as she brought her body down, threatening to flatten him under her as he screamed and cowered.

Her giant body came down and shook the bed for George, but he found that he was not dead. On the contrary he was still alive.

He slowly began to open his eyes, wondering why he was still alive.

Seems like he was just out of distance from the giant falling girl. Instead, he was right now under her chin and in front of her chest.

And due to the clothes he was wearing,. George could see right in. Holy shit did he like what he was viewing, her massive cleavage. Pushed up against the bed, and welcoming him in. He dropped to his knees to this unaware girl, not knowing how to continue.


Mark had no idea how to continue. Right now he was gripping her giant juicy thigh, making sure h wasn’t going to fall. She was finished and was right now doing the dishes, which let him pause about what he was going to do.

Front, or back?

Yes Mark was thinking that, with no shame as he is making his choice. The back for now, the front later. He shuffled his small body around, using the underwear of the older woman as a sort of safety net. He did this over and over again until finally he was right under her giant mammoth sized ass. With a smile he started to climb up against her cheek, hugging her ass and loving it. Only his powers can make an ass so big, and he loves it. He hugged onto it, planting kisses himself as he was loving it. A certain tent pitching in his pants as he was really hoping she won’t feel him. This was the first time he’s actually been here, normally keeping his distance and never getting close. Something about this woman though, it just drove him towards it. As he kept kissing more and more, Helen did feel something.

With a simple shift, she scratched her ass to stop the feeling. Mark felt a pressure push into him on the other side as he stopped any action. Guess he isn’t fully invisible, so he still needs to be careful.

At the other end though, hard to take it safe when you are at the gates of heaven. Shifting around, he plans to get right in her.


George eventually came to his choice, as he started to move to the giant breasts in front of him. The girl wasn’t paying attention, and he could not pass it up. Making his way in, he stepped onto her clothes and walked into the canyon. Touching the edge as he could see the small crevice for him, too in love to pass up what was going to happen. With a smile on his face, he got moving, stepping into the boobs and pushing his way in. He felt the walls fighting him, pushing into him as he got himself wedged into the breasts. Feeling them on him and loving every second of it.

He could not take off the smile, even if he wanted to. He got stuck there, relaxing right now and loving it. He even moved around, and scaled his way up, like rock climbing but with sexy rocks.

He got all the way up to her black bra, loving what he was seeing as he crawled around even more. This time not being wedged by two breasts but instead one breast and a bra. His boner scrapping across her as he climbs her giant boobs.

He kept going up and up, until finally he saw what he wanted, her teenage nipple. The boy couldn’t wash away his amazement at seeing a nipple just as big as him. The bra pushing him down into the boobs, as he crawled his way over. Touching her nipple, grabbing the sides and laying near it.

He was going to have to apologise to Mark if he was still alive, cause this is amazing. A smile on his face as he rests there. A certain type of crush, on this girl that could crush him.


Mark shimmied his way around the ass, getting closer and closer to the crack as he was loving where he was. She seemed to be shaking her ass around while doing the dishes, which was a bit weird but you were not gonna dwell on that. After all you were hugging her ass for a long while.

Mark got closer to the crack, until he was finally in range to put his feet into the giant crack. It smelled a bit, granted where he was it made sense. Didn’t change the fact that he was enjoying the situation he was in. He made his way over, and shimmied under until he was right at the hole.

Jamming himself in, Mark found that it was an amazing fit honestly. He could fit in perfectly, and not be too loose. Now he was just going to relax in her asshole, while waiting for his chance. A smile he closed his eyes and laid in, also thinking about it.

He wonders what his friends are doing.


Violet smiled to herself, seeing her phone beep a certain message. She wore a smile as she got up, disorienting her passenger, not to her concern though. She got moving and started running, going to the door quick as George was gripping onto her nipple for life.

She went over to her shoes, and Emily saw the giant girl over her. Loving it as it was an amazing sight she had. She tried to wipe off her smile but could not, especially when she lifted her giant dirty and sexy sole over the foot fetish girl. Violet brought it right down onto Emily, stepping on as Emily felt herself get pushed onto her back.

Getting pushed onto her back as she felt the giant sole on top of her, as the foot shifts into the shoe, it shifted Emily around even more. Until finally she rested, and tied.

While she was tying the shoelaces, Emily was spending this time not kissing the giant feet that had her trapped, but giving it a big lick as well. A massive lick, that got the salty sweat of the girl into her mouth. This made Emily love it more, as she was thinking about all the sweat that was going to begin to pour all over her.

As Violet tied her shoelaces, she got up, taking a step forward. Emily felt insane pressure all over herself, as she was loving it. Kissing the foot even more and getting horny by getting stepped on. Getting stepped on by this beautiful, giant girl.

Violet went over and grabbed her other shoe, putting it up as George has lost grip of the tit. Falling down and at the mercy of the two giant breasts. Unable to really do anything about the situation as he gets thrown around the giant breasts, until finally he got wedged right back into her cleavage. This time with her moving, and him unable to do anything.

Violet headed downstairs, walking into the kitchen and finding her mother. “Mom, i’m going to a friend’s house! I should be back tomorrow!” She said simply.

“W-Wait a second?” Mark commented from the bottom, hearing this situation. “Where, are Emily and George with them?”

“Okay just be careful and take care of yourself!” The mother said as Violet left. Both George and Emily getting taken with her. They were left so surprised and stunned about the situation.

They left, going away as Mark was with Helen, stuck in her ass. Relaxing down, he was going to have to wait for his chance. His friends can take care of themselves and admittedly, he was being a bit selfish but given the situation, he didn’t mind. He knew what was going to happen, and loved it.

It took a while, an hour and a bit before she went to bed. She didn’t have her husband with her, so Mark assumed he was off doing something else.

She moved around and relaxed down onto her back, taking off her clothes until she was in nothing but her underwear. She took the blanket and covered her body as the lights went out. The lights went out and he saw your chance. The time went as she fell asleep, and he got moving. Out of her butt and out of the panties. Now that she was laying, Mark found it easier and with less risk. He moved out into the open, getting close as he looked at her panties and her split legs. He could not see anything above the blanket, so sadly her breasts and her face was out of reach.

That didn’t stop him though, as he wasn’t caring about them right now. He wanted the front, and he was going to use the front. He moved around, getting in front as he slipped back into her underwear. Different position though, as he crawled right over mid, straight to his goal.

Her two pussy lips, waiting there just for him. He grabbed the bottom lip, feeling it on his hands and loving it. He dragged it down, with all his strength creating a small hole. He didn’t want to grow himself, knowing tat if he got too big he risked getting found.

Which means, he has the other option. Relaxing, he grabbed the lips, and focused his super power on himself. He felt the feeling go over him, and more importantly, the pussy lips getting big. Much bigger as he started to dangle on them. He kept shrinking, all the way to 1/12 of a inch. The whole lips being more of a platform for him now. He pulled himself up, and looked at the lips, seeing that there was a massive opening now for his size. The top pussy lip now towered at the top, like a roof for him.

He started to walk inside, grabbing his privates ad taking off his clothes, throwing them over the edge. Probably would of been smart doing it when they were bigger, therefore easy to find later, but he was not thinking that clear at the moment.

He entered her moist cave, and saw the giant place. It was big enough for him at this size to set up camp, but he didn’t plan to stay in there for long, as Mark is planning to have his fun and hopefully leave.

Very excited, he walked around naked to the giant wall of her insides, and then proceeded to hump it. Just the thought of humping this giant woman got him turned on. Even if the situation was not the best. He did this over and over again, until finally he decided to up his world a bit.

Growing his naked horny body inside of her, he went up more and more until finally he felt his head hit the roof. Not sure what size, but this was perfect. The now smaller terrain awaiting him as he got down onto his stomach. His boner up against her stomach, as well as the giant floor.

With an unequalled enthusiasm, he shifted his body around. Grinding it against her as he treated himself like a grinder. Back and forth, using his hands and gripping her inside. Loving it as he was getting off inside of her.

He felt the pressure and the lust build up, and weirdly enough, seeing no reaction from her was getting him turned on even more as he kept doing this. Getting faster and faster with every motion that he did. This happened so many times, until he could not contain himself and busted inside of her.

His small load, getting lost in her inside as he is pretty sure they are fine. Not wet enough for them to get carried or anything.

With a smile, he rolled around, planning on getting out of the cave. He got up, wasting no time to get out as he does not want to linger. He knows for a fact, this place can get really dangerous.

He moves around and crawls between the lips, getting out more and more until he was out.

He got out and dropped down onto her underwear, wasting no time getting out as well.

His breath was heavy, and a satisfied smirk on his face. After all the climbing and what he just did, he was a bit tired and he knew where he wanted to sleep.


It sure as hell was not an easy place to get, but he climbed the giant mother and arrived at her front, right over the blanket.

This let him move over and rest inside of the giant cleavage of the woman. Her breasts breathing up and down, as it happens over and over as he rested.

He knew he should probably rescue his friends from whichever place Violet went, but he doesn’t know where? So simply he will have to wait in this house until the daughter returns, and this is the perfect place to wait. Well maybe a little bit smaller, just to be sure.

He craned his small head up to her giant face, really amazed at how beautiful this woman was. If only he was a bit older, and if only she wasn’t married. Still, he was not gonna dwell on that.

He can’t be found right now, cause not only is he a creep and a pervert for getting himself off inside of her, but he is also a super. She would probably freak out if she knew that. After all super’s are suppose to be hidden, and not in people’s bodies.

Relaxing his head, he focused his powers and shrunk down, down to a mere speck on her body. Going all the way down to the ground, until he was nothing but a small speck. Her cleavage, being like a giant canyon to him, and he could rest under with not much problems.

With a smile he relaxed and closed his eyes. Assuming that he will wake up before her. After this ordeal, his not really sure he could look at her daughter the same way either, and she is pretty sure she will go ahead and being doing this again.

For Helen above, she had no idea what was happening. She didn’t know about something on her foot, climbing up her leg to her ass, or the events that happened inside of her privates, and not what way laying in her breasts.
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